Empowering Nonprofits with AI: Innovative Ways A Nonprofit Can Use Chat GPT To Engage with Supporters

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
In this article we list a few ways nonprofits can use Chat GPT and AI to engage supporters.

Benefits of Creating A Digital Culture At Your Nonprofit

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
In the world we live in, you must be present online to make your program a success. Everything went digital, and now, this is the only way your non-profit can reach its full potential. So, you must invest in your digital marketing almost as eagerly as you do in the work of your program. We know it's a hard thing to hear, but that's how things are. To help you move in the right direction, let us tell you about all the benefits of creating a digital culture at your non-profit. We'll explain what you're getting by going down this path, and it'll be clear why you should do it.