Optimizing Volunteer Management with AI

by: Michelle Sanchez, Director of Marketing & Communication
Volunteers are essential for everything from programs to fundraising events. Nonprofit managers should be equipped to transform challenges into opportunities, creating a more engaged, effective, and efficient volunteer force. In this article I'll show you how to use AI to streamline the process of recruiting, assigning, and managing volunteers.

Empowering Nonprofits with AI: Innovative Ways A Nonprofit Can Use Chat GPT To Engage with Supporters

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
In this article we list a few ways nonprofits can use Chat GPT and AI to engage supporters.

Benefits of Creating A Digital Culture At Your Nonprofit

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
In the world we live in, you must be present online to make your program a success. Everything went digital, and now, this is the only way your non-profit can reach its full potential. So, you must invest in your digital marketing almost as eagerly as you do in the work of your program. We know it's a hard thing to hear, but that's how things are. To help you move in the right direction, let us tell you about all the benefits of creating a digital culture at your non-profit. We'll explain what you're getting by going down this path, and it'll be clear why you should do it.