A To Do List for Nonprofits Who Want To Start Using Twitter

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Nonprofit Organizations have taken longer to get started on Twitter than small businesses, and even those who use Twitter do it sporadically, without any consistency or strategy. Twitter is a valuable tool for connecting with the community, and it should be a part of your nonprofit’s marketing plan. Here are a few “to do” items to get you started.

5 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make with Facebook

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Building and managing a strong social media marketing plan is important for every organization, including nonprofits. In many cases mistakes are made when building and expanding an effective Facebook presence. Here are five of the most common mistakes nonprofits should avoid when using Facebook as part of their landscape.

How To Easily Create Content for Your Busy Nonprofit

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Writing blog articles and site content takes more man hours than you might think, and for that reason it often gets put on hold. The typical alternative is to either hire a writer in house or purchase content, which isn’t cheap. What you may not realize is there are low cost or no cost alternatives to sitting down in front of that proverbial type writer to produce enough content to be king. Here are a few ideas that might help.

8 Great Blogging Tips To Help Engage Your Constituent Base

by: Christine Herring, Chief Technology Officer
Nonprofits can use a blog to engage their constituents. Here are a few tips on how to blog for engagement.

Using Social Media To Grow Your Donor Base

by: Lauren Randel, Director of Marketing & Communications
The most important part of Social Media, is cultivating relationships online. Just like in our daily lives, relationship is key. Here are some simple techniques and ideas on how to grow your donor base by using Social Media to cultivate those relationships.