by: Lindsay Denton, Copywriter
There are as many ways to segment audiences as a non-profit organization as there are reasons to. This short list covers both.
by: Stephanie Adair, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Membership Sign Ups can be hard to come by– especially in a market where every website, group and organization seems to be vying for members. While people want to support the causes they believe in, they typically choose a few and stick with those. Here are a few ways to add life to your nonprofit membership and draw in more interest.
by: Adam Greenberg, Lead Technical Copy Writer
As a nonprofit, the most important assets you have are your relationships. Not only should you have a very clear understanding of who your constituents are, but you should give your visitors enough information about your staff, so they can begin to know, like and trust them. When creating a staff page, adding a name, phone number and email address is no longer enough. Here are 8 tips for creating a staff page to help your visitors learn more about your organization as a whole.