Writing an Effective Grant Proposal

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide for writing a grant proposal. Learn the key components needed to craft a compelling and well-structured proposal, from meeting funding requirements and creating a clear title to developing a strong problem statement and outlining measurable project objectives.

Harness the Power of Data with Nonprofit Management Software

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
In this article I'll talk about the critical role of data in nonprofit management, providing insights into how leveraging data can enhance decision-making, improve program outcomes, and boost donor engagement. I'll also highlight the benefits of using Argenta to streamline data collection and analysis, offering practical tips and real-life examples for effective implementation.

Optimizing Volunteer Management with AI

by: Michelle Sanchez, Director of Marketing & Communication
Volunteers are essential for everything from programs to fundraising events. Nonprofit managers should be equipped to transform challenges into opportunities, creating a more engaged, effective, and efficient volunteer force. In this article I'll show you how to use AI to streamline the process of recruiting, assigning, and managing volunteers.

The Benefits of Nonprofit Accreditation: What You Need to Know

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Nonprofit accreditation is a crucial indicator of excellence and reliability for your organization. This article serves as an essential guide to understanding the concept of accreditation for nonprofit organizations, and how accreditation can build credibility, enhance operational performance, and broaden access to funding.

Empowering Nonprofits: A Comprehensive Guide to Technology Grants

by: Andy O'Connor, Argenta CFO
In this article I'll provide you with information on technology grants for nonprofits. Many of Argenta's customers have their subscriptions fully funded by one or more grants.

Writing and Implementing Policies and Procedures for a Nonprofit

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Whether you're starting a new nonprofit or looking to refine the governance of your existing organization, writing and implementing well-crafted policies and procedures is vital. In this article we'll cover the ten policies and procedures you need to be successful.

Tackling Nonprofit Challenges with Creative Solutions

by: Anna McLachlan, Argenta Copywriter
Nonprofit Challenges: Tackle tough issues with creative solutions. Learn how to identify common issues, manage financial constraints, utilize tech & volunteers, address staff retention & burnout, and more.

Running A Successful Nonprofit Organization: Tips and Tricks from Established Nonprofits

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
In this article we'll discuss strategies that have been used successfully by established nonprofits. We'll also offer practical tips on how these techniques can help ensure long term success for your organization.

Ways to Support Your Local Food Bank: Beyond Monetary Donations

by: Anna McLachlan, Argenta Copywriter
Supporting your neighborhood food bank is crucial in combating food instability. While financial contributions are vital, there are various other ways to contribute and make a difference. In this article, we'll suggest some alternative ways to help sustain your local food bank.

Impactful Grant Writing: Securing Funds for Nonprofit Programs and Projects

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Grant writing plays a crucial role in the success and sustainability of a nonprofit. It serves as a strategic tool for securing essential funding to support missions, projects, and initiatives. In this article, we'll dive deep into the significance of grant writing and provide insights and tips to help nonprofits navigate this process with confidence.

Navigating Complexities: Tips for Streamlining Nonprofit Fund Accounting Processes

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Nonprofit fund accounting involves tracking and managing multiple funding sources, adhering to donor restrictions, and ensuring transparency and accountability. To navigate these complexities effectively, it is crucial to streamline the fund accounting processes. In this article, we'll provide you with clear and actionable tips to help you streamline your nonprofit fund accounting processes, enabling you to focus more on your organization's mission and less on financial intricacies.

8 Tips for Facilitating Policy Development Discussions in Your County Committee

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Leaders of a county political committee are often involved with facilitating policy development discussions. Knowing how to go about it is a critical skill. Here are ten tips that can help make it easier.

10 Proven Strategies to Successfully Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit Organization

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
In this blog post, we will unveil ten proven strategies to help your nonprofit organization raise the funds it needs to thrive. From engaging your community to harnessing the power of social media, these carefully curated tips will equip you with the tools and insights to navigate the dynamic landscape of nonprofit fundraising.

Make a Lasting Impact: Encouraging Recurring Donations for Nonprofits

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Discover how recurring donations can transform your nonprofit organization's fundraising efforts. Recurring donations offer a predictable and cost-effective source of income for nonprofits, while also enhancing donor relationships and improving retention rates. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of recurring donations and provide practical tips on how to encourage donors to commit to regular contributions.

Empowering Nonprofits with AI: Innovative Ways A Nonprofit Can Use Chat GPT To Engage with Supporters

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
In this article we list a few ways nonprofits can use Chat GPT and AI to engage supporters.

Make A Difference: How to Find the Best Volunteers for Your Nonprofit

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
As a nonprofit organization, you rely on volunteers to help you achieve your mission and make a positive impact on your community, but finding the right volunteers can be a challenge. Of course, you’re not just looking for warm bodies to fill volunteer slots. You want people who are passionate about your mission who are willing to consistently contribute to the cause. In this article, we'll explore some tips and strategies for finding the very best volunteers for your nonprofit and ways you can keep them engaged.

The Secret to Successful Political Fundraising in an Era of High Inflation

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Raising money for your political committee is always challenging especially if you’re new to the process. When inflation is very high it can seem impossible. Donors may give less depending on how they perceive their own financial security. Right now, many people have fewer resources and mounting expenses. Raising money is essential to the success of your committee. We put together some tips to help you.

How Political and Nonprofit Organizations Can Become Recession-Proof

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Inflation has a direct impact on donor contributions because supporters have less to give. Political and nonprofit organizations have higher costs to maintain programs and pay staff. It's necessary to get creative in order to make up for the lack of funding. Here are a few ideas for recession-proofing your organization.

How to Build a Donor Base from the Ground Up

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Without donors your non-profit wouldn’t exist. They support your cause and make a difference by donating their support, time and money. This article provides an overview on the process of identifying, growing and maintaining a strong reliable donor base for your nonprofit.

How to Kickstart Your Nonprofit Engagement Strategy

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Discover 5 effective ways to kickstart your nonprofit engagement strategy, from proactive audience segmentation to prudent influencer marketing and more.

Benefits of Creating A Digital Culture At Your Nonprofit

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
In the world we live in, you must be present online to make your program a success. Everything went digital, and now, this is the only way your non-profit can reach its full potential. So, you must invest in your digital marketing almost as eagerly as you do in the work of your program. We know it's a hard thing to hear, but that's how things are. To help you move in the right direction, let us tell you about all the benefits of creating a digital culture at your non-profit. We'll explain what you're getting by going down this path, and it'll be clear why you should do it.

Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Getting Started

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Successfully starting a nonprofit can offer immense fulfillment. It is a notable, commendable feat from logistics to management and from marketing to action. However, it’s precisely this complexity that can present multiple challenges and pitfalls along the way. To address this, this article will focus on the most notable mistakes nonprofits make when getting started.

How Can a Nonprofit Boost Its Visibility?

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
From SEO and social media marketing to diversification and collaboration, discover how a nonprofit can boost its visibility.

Challenges That May Impact The Nonprofit Sector In 2021

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
We've left 2020 behind with hopes for a brighter future. However, these few months of 2021 are proving that nonprofits will need more than just hope. Challenges that may impact the nonprofit sector in 2021 are too real to be dismissed easily. Keeping in mind the massive importance of the nonprofit sector for the ones it serves, we must anticipate these challenges and deal with them on time; the sooner, the better.

How to Segment Audiences as a Non-Profit Organization

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
There are as many ways to segment audiences as a non-profit organization as there are reasons to. This short list covers both.

Crowdfunding vs. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Which One Is Right for You?

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
If your nonprofit is in need of funding you may want to try crowdfunding, but what is the difference between this and peer-to-peer fundraising and which one is best for you? This article may provide some guidance.

Why And How Nonprofits Should Be Applying for Federal Grants Right Now

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
In this article we'll talk about federal grants and why nonprofits should make it a high priority to apply for them. It's hard enough being responsible for funding an organization in the best of times, but throw in a global pandemic, and it's a whole new level of difficult.

Republicans Are Way Behind with Technology. Here’s What We Should Do About It.

by: Jeremy Schafer, Devscape Copywriter
Why are Democrats so much better at using and adapting to technology? There are a few reasons including a younger base and a higher rate of support by tech companies. In this blog I get into what Republicans should do to blaze the trail for adoption of new technology.

Creative Ways To Raise Money for Your Nonprofit During A Pandemic

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Fundraising isn’t easy, even in the best of times. A global pandemic has made things much harder, but there are a few innovative ways you can prosper despite the health emergency. This article provides you with some ideas on how to continue to raise the funds you need even in these difficult times.

A Message from Devscape CEO, Joseph McAlister About COVID-19 (coronavirus)

by: Joseph P. McAlister, Chief Executive Officer
A message from our CEO about COVID-19 (coronavirus). With Argenta, you can continue to securely manage your operations, interact with your supporters and rely on real-time collaboration with your team.

How to Leverage Google Ad Grants for Outreach

by: Jen Maslanski, Argenta Copywriter
Online advertising is a must for nonprofits, but it can be confusing and expensive. Google has a solution that can help. In this article we'll introduce you to Google Ad Grants for outreach.

Getting Started with Nonprofit Marketing

by: Michelle Sanchez, Devscape Marketing Manager
Marketing is not just sending out an email or mailing a post card. There are many different avenues to get the word out about your programs, products or services. In this article I’ll explain the different types of marketing so you can decide which techniques will work best for your organization.

Four Ways to Revitalize Nonprofit Memberships

by: Stephanie Adair, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Membership Sign Ups can be hard to come by– especially in a market where every website, group and organization seems to be vying for members. While people want to support the causes they believe in, they typically choose a few and stick with those. Here are a few ways to add life to your nonprofit membership and draw in more interest.

A Starter Guide for Launching A Nonprofit

by: Stephanie Adair, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Nonprofits have enriched, and even saved the lives of millions in need, but there's still so much more to be done. Maybe you've decided to start your own nonprofit. If you’re up for the challenge, here's a comprehensive starter guide for launching a nonprofit.

5 New Argenta Features That Will Make You More Productive This Year

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Nonprofit directors are best known for wearing all the hats in their organizations. If you want to be more productive this year, give Argenta a second look. Here are 5 brand new features that could make your more productive this year.

Seven Tips for Building a Nonprofit Parnership Network

by: Stephanie Adair, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Nonprofit Partnership Networks are creating a lot of buzz as of late – and with good reason. Just like for-profit business partnerships, all sides mutually benefit from working together. Not only do these partnerships get the job done, but they also provide more brand exposure and credibility for your organization.

5 Easy Ways To Fight Back Against Donor Fatigue

by: Stephanie Adair, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Have you noticed a change in your donors’ behavior? It could be donor fatigue, the point where your donor base has become mentally and emotionally tired of your mission. Here are five easy ways to fight back against donor fatigue.

How to Avoid Volunteer Burnout

by: Stephanie Adair, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
At some point in life, we all experience burnout. Even your most dedicated volunteers can become a little tired of the routine. Here are some helpful ideas on how to avoid burning out your most valuable asset, your team.

6 Tips for Becoming a Highly Successful Executive Director

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Being an Executive Director is challenging. It can mean long hours and many frustrations, but it can also be equally rewarding. The position requires excellent leadership skills, the ability to communicate effectively and listen carefully. It takes someone with a passion for the mission and the ability to share that vision with the community. Here are 6 tips for becoming highly successful as an Executive Director.

Nonprofit Scandals. How to Avoid a Scandal of Your Own, and What to Do If You Don’t

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
There has been no shortage of nonprofit scandals in the media lately. Here are some areas to focus on to help you avoid a scandal, and some ideas on how to recover if you find your organization in the middle of one.

Tips for Writing the Sustainability Component of a Nonprofit Grant

by: Andy O'Connor, Argenta CFO
The Grant’s Sustainability Component is the piece that helps your potential funder understand how you will continue the program beyond the initial funding source. It’s important to convince the reader that the program or set of structures will not end prematurely due to a lack of additional funds. Here are a few tips on how to communicate your sustainability fundamentals to your potential funder.

7 Essentials for Working Effectively with Your Board

by: Christine Herring, Chief Technology Officer
When you work with a group of passionate board members who have the same ideas on how to complete projects and share similar benchmarks for mission goals, the group can be easy to mobilize. Sometimes however, working with passion needs to be blended with efficiency to get work done. Differences of opinion can get in the way of effective collaboration. Here are some ideas to promote better communication and boost productivity when working with your board.

8 Things to Consider When Recruiting Volunteers

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Recruiting people who share your vision and the passion you have for your program is a process that requires commitment of energy, time, persistence and creativity, not to mention a well-crafted plan. Here are some things to consider when searching for the right volunteers for your nonprofit.

6 Effective Fundraising Tips for New Non-profits

by: Christine Herring, Chief Technology Officer
There are many things you need to know when starting a nonprofit, but one very important thing is how to raise funds to get your mission off the ground.

5 Steps to Creating Effective Staff Pages for Your Nonprofit’s Website

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
As a nonprofit, the most important assets you have are your relationships. Not only should you have a very clear understanding of who your constituents are, but you should give your visitors enough information about your staff, so they can begin to know, like and trust them. When creating a staff page, adding a name, phone number and email address is no longer enough. Here are 8 tips for creating a staff page to help your visitors learn more about your organization as a whole.

5 Tips for Asking Your Constituents for Donations

by: Helene DeLaurentis, Chief Financial Officer
When it comes to asking for financial contributions, many nonprofit fundraisers feel overwhelmed. It can be difficult and intimidating to ask for someone’s hard earned money. It’s becoming increasingly harder to convince donors to give to your organization. You must have a clear explanation for why you need the funds, and how they will be used.

A To Do List for Nonprofits Who Want To Start Using Twitter

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Nonprofit Organizations have taken longer to get started on Twitter than small businesses, and even those who use Twitter do it sporadically, without any consistency or strategy. Twitter is a valuable tool for connecting with the community, and it should be a part of your nonprofit’s marketing plan. Here are a few “to do” items to get you started.

5 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make with Facebook

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Building and managing a strong social media marketing plan is important for every organization, including nonprofits. In many cases mistakes are made when building and expanding an effective Facebook presence. Here are five of the most common mistakes nonprofits should avoid when using Facebook as part of their landscape.

5 Legal Mistakes Nonprofits Should Avoid

by: Joe McAlister, Chief Legal Officer
Attorneys who work with nonprofit organizations know all too well some of the mistakes nonprofits can make. By the time they seek legal advice it’s usually too late. Here are eight of those legal traps you can avoid before you get caught in a snare.

How To Easily Create Content for Your Busy Nonprofit

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Writing blog articles and site content takes more man hours than you might think, and for that reason it often gets put on hold. The typical alternative is to either hire a writer in house or purchase content, which isn’t cheap. What you may not realize is there are low cost or no cost alternatives to sitting down in front of that proverbial type writer to produce enough content to be king. Here are a few ideas that might help.

5 Grant Writing Tips That Will Get You Funded

by: Andy O'Connor, Argenta CFO
Many nonprofits never apply for grants because the process can seem a bit overwhelming. While it's true, grant writing can be pretty difficult, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting funded. Here are five tips to help you get started.

8 Great Blogging Tips To Help Engage Your Constituent Base

by: Christine Herring, Chief Technology Officer
Nonprofits can use a blog to engage their constituents. Here are a few tips on how to blog for engagement.

5 Important Reasons Nonprofits Need Software

by: Adam Greenberg, Developer & Tech Writer
Traditionally software has been very expensive. You had to purchase a boxed copy and install it on a server so members of your team could share data and collaborate. The cost of infrastructure could become so high, many nonprofits were unable to get software they needed. Things have changed. With cloud software you don’t need any costly infrastructure. Here are 5 important reasons your nonprofit needs software to manage your mission.

Using Social Media To Grow Your Donor Base

by: Lauren Randel, Director of Marketing & Communications
The most important part of Social Media, is cultivating relationships online. Just like in our daily lives, relationship is key. Here are some simple techniques and ideas on how to grow your donor base by using Social Media to cultivate those relationships.