As a nonprofit, the most important assets you have are your relationships. Not only should you have a very clear understanding of who your constituents are, but you should give your visitors enough information about your staff, so they can begin to know, like and trust them.

When creating a staff page, adding a name, phone number and email address is no longer enough. Here are 8 tips for creating a staff page to help your visitors learn more about your organization as a whole.

1.    Make sure to include a bio for each member of your staff. Remember, writing a professional bio doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Your staff’s personalities should be highlighted. Include things that inspire them, what they like to do in their free time and other interesting facts about them to illustrate who they are.

2.    Include staff photos. They don’t have to be studio perfect, but they should be clear headshots. Professional pictures might seem too cold. Consider taking a photo on the beach or in a rose garden. Use the photos as another opportunity to show personality.

3.    Tell a story. Add a section to the staff page that tells the overall story of what your team does for your community or your cause. Use specific examples of how they’re making a difference and why it matters to your visitors.

4.    Include awards and recognitions earned by staff members, either individually or as a team. List any notable achievements, even fun things like first prize in a pie eating contest. Use every opportunity to connect with your audience in a personal way.

5.    Provide multiple ways to contact each staff member. Include their company email address and any social media accounts they use in conjunction with your organization. For example, you might provide links to their Twitter account, their LinkedIn Profile, Facebook page or Instagram. Use these links as a call to action.