Why are Democrats so much better at using and adapting to technology? There are a few reasons including a younger base and a higher rate of support by tech companies. A larger issue is that Republicans have the “we’ve always done it that way” mentality, leaving them stuck with older technology and spreadsheets. There’s a clear decentralization of systems at the grassroots level.
Political campaigns have been using the internet to get the word out since 1996. In 2000, Al Gore and John McCain used online chats. In 2004, blogs were used to engage with supporters. Howard Dean’s rise to fame was almost entirely attributed to his use of social media. He’s even credited with introducing the world to social media as a tool to bolster political communication.
Democrats have developed an extensive, data analytics ecosystem. Their intellectual freedom and autonomy to innovate gives them the advantage in nearly every election. Between infrastructure, party culture, and their rich investments in technology it’s no wonder the Democratic party seems to be a leader in all things technology.
In contrast, the Republican Party with a less-developed central infrastructure, has placed the burden on its candidates to find and develop their own systems. The lack of cohesive adoption of systems and software makes it difficult to build the necessary analytics and predictive models so desperately needed to win elections.
How political entities and candidates capture, collect, and analyze data plays an important role in the political landscape. Everything from voting behavior, to donation history, to household demographics – is an essential part of a political campaign. The way parties develop, maintain, and update their supporter management databases is crucial to their everyday existence. Good CRM software maintains historical and statistical data that’s key to the party’s success.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are built on top of databases that allow for the capture, collection, and analysis of your data. Argenta Software is a CRM system that’s perfectly suited for data collection and the political landscape. Argenta is a truly all in one, software management system for any political entity.
Agenta’s 30 plus modules are integrated and interact seamlessly, streamlining processes.
  • The software allows for the identification and tracking, scoring and management of leads and opportunities.

  • Complete with Fundraising, Campaigns, Event and Project Management, there’s virtually nothing it can’t do.

  • The volunteerism module allows constituents to interact, through public forms like a volunteer interest form and a comprehensive task calendar, where they can choose tasks and sign up to volunteer. Public forms streamline your get-out-the-vote volunteer efforts.

  • The Membership module allows you to track members and delegates, accept payments online, allow online registrations for conventions and other membership activities and much more.
Another key reason for the technological success of the Democrats is the unwavering support of technology companies and their employees. Technology companies attempt to evenly spread their political contributions between parties to avoid the appearance of political bias. However, the majority of their employees identify as “left-leaning Democrats”. They contribute more of their earnings to Democratic candidates and publicly voice their disdain for Republicans and the conservative agenda.
Argenta was founded on conservative Republican values. We strive to improve how Republicans access, use and benefit from software. Here’s how…
  • We assign a dedicated account manager to train your team and work alongside you, helping you get the most benefit from every module and public interface.

  • We import any existing data and develop a strategy for data analytics and comprehensive reporting.

  • We work closely with you to identify areas of need, constantly improving the software by adding features that will increase productivity and gain public support. We listen to our clients and build improvements based on their needs and suggestions.
Republicans need technology companies who want them to win. They need a partner who can show them the benefits of software and help them use it to communicate with supporters, grow a strong base for the future and win elections. Argenta is that partner. We would love to show you how we can help you. Why not schedule a demo right now, and become a trendsetter in the adoption of software for the Republican Party and their constituents?