Argenta is a growing and evolving software solution for nonprofits. We've worked hard to provide every tool your nonprofit could possibly need to be successful, but we realize there may be some things that set you apart. At Devscape we're constantly brainstorming, not just with our team, but with our clients too. We know how important it is to listen to our clients and learn from them so we can come up with new tools to make Argenta work for everyone. We want to share some of the tools we've built this year to help you be even more productive. Here are  the five we picked...

Now You Can Accept Donations Online with Argenta
Last year over 60% of donations were given online and 36% of those were given on mobile devices. Argenta subscribers can now include a custom donation button on their website. When the donation is made all of the donation information is delivered right into your Argenta Donation Management system. You can easily integrate online giving into your website, all you have to do is use a link we provide for you, that's it, we do the rest. If you're a yearly subscriber, there is no additional cost to implement this.

Now You Can Boost Productivity with our Built in Work Time Tracker
Logging the time you spend working on a project or task is easy. Just click a button to start the timer, and stop it when you're done. Don't worry if you need a break, you can stop and start it as many times as necessary before you log it.  When you're done, click the Log It icon, and type a quick description. The work timer creates a log of the time you spent on the task. You can use the log to analyze how many hours you and your team are spending on different projects. The work timer works within the different modules, so for example if your working on a specific project, you use the timer for that project in the project manager. Everything you need all in one place.



Now You Can Keep Track of Event Attendance with the Events Manager
Argenta has a built in Event Manager, and now each event has a built in attendance tracker. Add attendees with the click of a button and view the attendance list any time. Imagine sending thank you notes to all attendees, by pulling up the attendance list and quickly adding it to the Argenta Mail Room.


Now You Can Use Notebooks to Capture, Organize & Share Notes
Capture, organize and share notes in Argenta. Keep a journal, take notes on something you're learning, or just leave notes for yourself or your team. Create as many notebooks as you need, with an unlimited number of notes. You can even categorize your notes to make it easier to find them later. Share notes or keep them private, it's up to you. Collect everything that matter all in one place.




Now You Can Generate Invoices Using Our New Billing Interface in the Project Manager
Our Project Manager was great before, allowing you to keep track of all your project tasks, files, notes, team members, and information all in one Project Workspace. Now it's better. We've integrated our Project Manager into our Invoicing system to allow you to keep track of billable items and hours. With the click of a button generate invoice right from your project workspace, saving all that time it used to take to manually create and itemize invoices. Of course you can always add additional items or update the invoice before you use Argenta to automatically send it out. That's right, with another button click you can automatically print it or email it to the designated client on the fly.




These are our top five new features, but we are always adding more. Even better, if there's a feature you need that we don't already have, no problem, we'll work with you to build it to your specifications. Nonprofits are important, we want you to succeed. Let us help you.