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A staff member is an individual who works for your organization in exchange for compensation. Staff members are first created as Constituents in Argenta and then assigned as staff members.


From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen, choose Constituents (CRM) or Staff and HR > Staff Members.



Click the “Add New” button.




This will pop up the Add a New Staff Member by Designating A Constituent As A Staff Member window.


To avoid duplicates in your database choose the "Lookup" button behind the Constituent ID field to search your database for constituents that you can designate as Staff Members. This will open the Select A Constituent To Designate As A Staff Member screen.



  You can search by full name "Jane Doe" or by a partial name such as "Jane." If the constituent is in your database select them by clicking the pink check mark  this will select your constituent and return you to the Add A New Staff Member by Designating A Constituent As A Staff Member.  From here you will select a Date of Hire for your new Staff Member.  Click the "Add Staff Member & Enter Details" to add this constituent as a staff member and open the details screen.


If the Constituent is not in the system, you can add them by clicking the “Add New” button, for help adding a constituent please see KB Article, Add Constituents.



The staff Member details screen is where you will fill out all the information about your new member.

Choose if you do not want your member to be Solicited, Emailed, Called, or if the member is a Potential Ambassador.

Select the Staff Position from the "Staff Position" drop-down menu.  If a position is not listed you may add a new one by selecting "Add New."  This is not a required field.

Select a date of Termination if applicable.
If your organization uses Employee ID #s please enter it in the "Alt. Employee ID" field.  This is not a required field.

Select whether this staff member is a manager or non-management from the "Management Statusdrop-down list, and then select the manager they report to from the "Manager" drop-down list. These are both required fields.

If needed you can add a personal account to use for payroll by entering this information into the "Personal Account To Use for Payroll" field.


Choose the Staff Member’s Payroll Category – the method by which they will earn their pay (salary, hourly, etc.) by selecting the "Payroll Category" drop-down list.   Then, enter in their Salary/Hourly Wage  in the "Wage" box and select their frequency in the "Per" box. Then select if they are Part Time or Full Time.



If they are paid for commissions, fill out that information in the "Commission Rate" and "Commission Term (in months)" fields. If there are any extra details you would like to specify about the commission policies, enter it into the “Commission Details” field below.


Add an overtime wage amount in the "Overtime Wages" field and the federal withholding percentage in the "Federal Withholding %" field.

Scrolling down to the second half of the page you will see the Deductions Per Pay Period section.


Here, you must fill out the Deductions fields:  "Fed. Income Tax" , "State Income Tax" , "SS Tax" ,  "Medicare Tax" , and "total Deductions" fields.


Finally, you can choose to include additional information in the Deduction Summary/Details.


Lastly, you can include Related Files, Contact Log, and Notes by selecting them from their areas below.  These fields can contain as many entries as needed. These are not required fields.


After reviewing the information entered, click the “Save All Changes & Exit” button to finish. The window will close and you will find your new Staff Member in the Staff Member list. Your Staff Member has been added.