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Add Staff Members

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A staff member is an individual who works for your organization in exchange for compensation. Staff members are first created as Constituents in Argenta and then assigned as staff members.


From the Argenta main menu on the left hand side of the screen, choose Relationship Groups (CRM) or Staff and HR > Staff Members.


Click the “Add a New Staff Member” button. This will pop up the Add a New Staff Member window.



Select the corresponding Constituent. If the Constituent is already in the system, click the “Look Up” button and select a Constituent by searching and selecting them. If the Constituent is not in the system, you can add them by clicking the “Add a New Constituent” button (for help see KB Article, “Add Constituents”).

The Constituent ID field will display the ID for the selected Constituent, and their name will be displayed to the right of that. Make sure you have selected the Constituent you want to designate as a Staff Member.

Next, enter a Date of Hire, the date the individual began working with the organization. This is a required field. If your organization uses employee ID numbers, enter it in the Our Org. Employee ID field.

Select whether this staff member is a manager or non-management from the “Management Status” drop down list, and then select the manager they report to from the “Manager” drop down list. These are both required fields.

From there, select the position this staff member will fulfill from the “Staff Position” drop down list. If the Staff Position title is not in the system, you can add one by clicking the “Add New” button. This will pop up the “Add New Staff Positions” window where you can fill out the required fields (for help see KB article, “Add Staff Positions”).

Choose the Staff Member’s “Payroll Category” – the method by which they will earn their pay (salary, hourly, etc.). Then, enter in their “Salary/Hourly Wage” and select their “Payment Cycle”. If they are paid for commissions, fill out that information in the “Commission Rate” and “Commission Term (in months)” fields. If there are any extra details you would like to specify about the commission policies, enter it into the “Commission Details” field.

Additionally, you will also need to fill out the staff members “Overtime Wage” and “Federal Withholding %”. These are required fields.

Scrolling down to the second half of the page you will see the Deductions Per Pay Period section.



Here, you must fill out the “Total of Personal Deductions”, “Federal Income Tax”, “State Income”, “Social Security Tax”, and “Medicare Tax” fields.

Finally, you can choose to include additional information in the “Deduction Summary Details”, “Log First Contact”, and “Notes” fields, which can contain as many entries as needed. These are not required fields.

After reviewing the information entered, click the “Add This Staff Member” button to finish. The window will close and you will find your new Staff Member in the Staff Member list. Your Staff Member has been added.