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A Constituent is any Individual, Household, or Organization affiliated with your non-profit. Board Members, Clients, Donors, Grant Applicants, Grantors, Leads/Prospects, Material Donation Recipients, Members, Partners, Payees, Staff Members, Vendors and Volunteers are created as constituents, then assigned to a relationship group based on their interaction with your non-profit.


To Add A Constituent


From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen choose Argenta Constituents. This will redirect you to a list of all the constituents you have created and managed.


Click the "Add New" button.



When creating a new constituent start with the constituent type you would like to create. Select Individual, Household, or Organization from above the constituent contact card. Based on the constituent type you choose, the contact cards tabs change to collect the necessary information for the constituent type you selected. Select whether the constituent is a VIP.


Required fields are designated with a red asterix * and there are very few mandatory fields when adding a constituent.


Entering an individual requires a first and last name.

Entering a household requires a household name. Many choose to use the family's last name in this field.

Entering an organization requires an organization name, typically the name of the organization.


In addition to completing the required fields, we suggest collecting and completing as many of the fields as you can for your constituent. The more you know about your constituent the better you'll be able to communicate with them.


Additional Contact Info fields for Individuals include:


Middle Initial



Constituent’s Description

Short Salutation

Formal Salutation

Envelope Salutation (how you will address them in correspondence)

Mailing Address Line 1 & 2, City, State, Zip code, Zip Four Digit Code

Primary & Secondary Email Address

Cell Phone Provider

Cell, Home and Work Phone & Extension

Fax Number

Preferred Phone

Preferred Method of Contact

Best Time to Contact


The Individual constituent type includes several additional tabs.

            Personal which includes


                        Languages Spoken

                        Date of Birth




Marital Status

Spouses Name (if applicable)

Wedding Date

Last Four # of Social

Is Deceased?

Date Deceased (if applicable)

Driver’s License State

Driver’s License Number

Auto Insurance Provider

Auto Insurance Policy Number

Auto Insurance Policy Expiration Date


            Employment which includes both a current and previous position section.

Career Path/Trade

Convicted of A Felony? Explanation

The following for both Current or Previous Positions:

Company Name

Job Title

Location (open text field, can be geographic or other)

Time Period From (a start date)

Time Period To (an end date, leave blank for present)


Education which includes undergrad, graduate and professional degrees.

Education Level

Undergrad Degree Received (yes or no)

Undergrad College/Facility 

If Yes, Type of Undergrad Degree (certificate, associate's or bachelor's)

Undergrad Degree Title (eg: BA Business Administration)

Undergrad Class Year (year undergrad degree was received)

Undergrad Minor

Graduate Degree Received (yes or no)

Graduate College/Facility 

Graduate Degree Title

Graduate Class Year (year graduate degree was received)

PhD/Professional Degree Received (yes or no)

PhD/Professional College/Facility 

PhD/Professional Degree Title

PhD/Professional Class Year (year degree was received)

Fraternity or Sorority Affiliation

Honors Society


Medical which includes

            Known Allergies

            Allergy Description

Emergency Contact Name

Emergency Contact Relationship

Emergency Contact Phone

Emergency Contact Mailing Address

Emergency Contact Email Address

Physician’s Information (Name, Phone, etc.)

Medical Conditions or Health Concerns



            Other which includes



Parking Instructions

Military Service?

Current Military Status

Active Years Start Year

Active Years End Year

Which Branch (if yes)

Combat Campaign

Has This Constituent Been Relocated?

Relocation Date

Relocated From


Assistance Received in the Post

Current Assistance Received


Household constituent type includes these changes:

Contact Info 

Household Name instead of all name fields.

Voter Info



Congressional District

State Senate District

State House District

Voting Preference

Voter Registration Status

Voter Registration Number

State Registered To Vote




                        All relocation fields from Individual constituent type.


Organization constituent type includes these changes:


                        Instead of all name fields…

                        Organization Name

Organization Type

Business Focus/Industry

Federal Tax ID Number

Established (When?)

Organization Size

Other includes only



Parking Instructions


All constituent types have a Web & Social Media tab with the following fields:

Primary Website

Secondary Website

Social Media 
(you are not able to enter the constituent's social media when adding a constituent. 
Once the constituent has been added you can add as many social media accounts as necessary)


All constituent types have a Alt. Addresses tab with the following fields:

Alternative/Secondary Address fields with an extra field for international addresses

            Billing Address fields

            Shipping Address fields


You can auto-fill the text boxes by selecting one of the "Same As" values.


Once you have completed the required fields and any additional fields click the "Add This Constituent" button.


This will close the constituent card and return you to the constituent list where you can find your new constituent.