Argenta allows you to log all your contact with any different constituent type, straight to the constituent details and record. To log contact to a constituent, you go into the constituent that you wish to log the contact details for.  You may do this by going into the Constituents (CRM) and the specific constituent type or by selecting Constituents (All) and using the search field, find and select the specific individual you are wishing to log contact for.
Once you have your individual selected and their constituent card open, you will see a "Contact Log" tab, click this tab to open it:
On this tab is where you will log your contact. Click the "Add New" button:
This opens the "Add Contact Log Items" screen:
From here you need to enter these details:
  1. Date of Contact - Enter the date and time of contact here by manually entering a date and time or by using the date and time selectors. This is a required field.
  2. With Team Member - By default this will show the user who is signed in. You can change this by selecting the Lookup  icon to search for and select the team member who contacted this constituent. 
  3. Mark Contact As An Engagement - If you would like to also have this contact marked as an engagement, select the engagement type from the drop-down list here. You can create a new engagement type by clicking the Add New  icon if an appropriate engagement type is not listed. 
  4. Contact Text Box - Enter the details of your contact here. You can format your text with the formatting tools. This is an unlimited field.
Once all the details about your contact have been enter you will select the "Save & Add Contact Log Item" button to add the contact to the constituent and return to the constituent details/card screen.