Argenta has a constituent type of Delegate for all your tracking needs. Delegates are people that are elected to represent their constituents in a political assembly.  In order to track delegate payments and such, you must have your delegates listed as delegates within Argenta. 
To add delegates please select Constituents (CRM) > Delegates - from the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side.
This opens the Delegates screen where all of your organizations delegates will be listed.  From here click the "Add New" button:
This opens the Add A New Delegate by Designating A Constituent As A Delegate screen:
Here you need to enter these details for your delegate:
  1. Constituent ID - From here you will search for a constituent that is already listed in your system, to designate them as a Delegate. If your constituent is not listed you may add them by selecting the Add New  icon. For help adding a new constituent please refer to the KB Article - Add Constituents. This is a required field.
  2. Term Start Date - Enter the delegates term start date. You can manually type in the start date or use the calendar selector. 
  3. Term End Date -Enter the delegates term end date. You can manually type in the end date or use the calendar selector.
Then, click the "Add Delegate & Enter Details" button to add the delegate and be redirected to the Delegate Workspace screen: