Once your guests have registered or purchased tickets to your event, you may want to send them an email with details on the event. This can be anything from a welcome email, change of venue email, to the speaker or content line up. No matter what you wish to send to your registered guests or ticket purchasers, there is one convenient location for you to facilitate sending emails to these guests. There are two ways for you to edit your templates, the first is within the Event Workspace and the second is in your Mail Room. Both are covered below.
To get started, it is first advised to create your Mail Room list that you wish to send emails to. This is where we will start.
1. Create a Mail Room List of Guests
To use Templates from your Mail Room or Send To An Email List within the Event Workspace, you first must create a Mail Room list for your guests. The easiest way to create this list is to go to the event that has the guests that you want to email. To access an event list simply click, Event Management >  Event List - from the main menu on the left-hand side:
This opens all your events. From here, select the event that has the guests you wish to email. Open the corresponding event by using the Open  icon. This opens your Event Workspace screen for the event you selected. From here, click on the Event Guest List tab:
This opens the event guest list for this event. From here you can add all your guests, or some of the guests, that you wish to email. To add all your guests, place a checkmark in the "Select All Records On This Grid Page" checkbox:
Or if you only want to select a few guests, place a checkmark in the guests checkmark box for the guests that you want to send emails to:
Once you have the guests selected, you will add them to the Mail Room. With your guests selected, click the Choose Bulk Action for Selected Records drop-down box, and select "Create Mailroom List With Selected Records:"
With "Create Mailroom List With Selected Records" selected, click the "Run Bulk Action" button. This opens the Add A New Mail List screen: