Argenta allows you to build templates and send out email to your constituents through lists and campaigns. We send those emails using The Amazon Web Services Email Relay, one of the most trusted ways of sending email. This means more emails will be successfully delivered. Sending email through AWS requires Email Validation. If you would like the emails you send to come from your own email address, you must allow AWS to verify it.

To validate an email address...
  • Choose "Subscription" in the top right menu.
  • Select the "Email Settings" tab.
  • In the Email Validation Section, enter your email address in the "Email To Validate" field.
  • Click the "Validate" button.
An email will been sent from "Amazon Web Services" to the email address you entered. When you receive the email, click the link in the email body to verify your email. Once you complete that step, the validated email address will be displayed in the "Validated Emails" list. When building your email batches you can use any validated email in the "From" field.

For more information on Sending Email with Argenta, take a look at our Knowledge Base Article: Working with Email Templates