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We have a new report!

If you require your team members or volunteers to drive, they need to have a current auto insurance policy. The Auto Insurance Expiration Report allows you to view all Constituents with an auto insurance policy on file. This report prominently displays the policy expiration date in ascending order. If a policy is expired the date is red, if not the date is green. This makes it quick and easy to see when a policy is expired. The report includes all contact information for the constituent, along with their chapter, division, department, district and/or precinct. You can filter the report by any field and export the results.

You can find the report in the Report Center > Constituent Reports > Auto Insurance Expiration Report
Precincts Can Now Be Made Inactive

If you manage a political organization with Argenta, Districts & Precincts are a big part of your day-to-day workflow. You can set user permissions in your system by district and precinct.

Sometimes precinct names and numbers change in your county or district. When this happens the old one may not be needed anymore, but you still need to run reports and filter records for that precinct. NOW, you can set the status of a precinct to either active or inactive.

Changing a Precinct's status from active to inactive has an impact throughout your instance of Argenta. When you make a precinct inactive, you will no longer be able to assign records in the system to this precinct. You will still be able to filter records by the inactive precinct. Reports won't be affected; you'll be able to run reports that include metrics for inactive precincts.
Chat with Argenta

We're super excited to announce our new Chat with Argenta Support feature! Beginning today, our users can chat with their account manager or the developer on call in real time.
Users can access Chat with Argenta Support anytime. You'll see a new chat button on your dashboard. We look forward to chatting with you.
Multi-File Uploading is Here!

Beginning today, you can upload many files at a time using any of our drag and drop file controls. Just drag as many files as you like into the drop box and click the "Save The Selected File(s)" button. 

We've Got A New Report! 

Many of our customers asked us to add an Income Statement to our Financial Reports, so we did!

An income statement is a financial statement that shows your organization's income and expenditures. It also shows whether a company is making profit or loss for a given period. The income statement, along with balance sheet, helps you understand the financial health of your organization.

You can find the Income Statement in the Report Center > Financial Reports > Income Statements

Staff Write-Ups Have Been Added To The Staff & HR Module
A Staff Write Up is used to document a disciplinary action. Unfortunately, a situation may arise where you need to write up one of your staff members. Use this section to clearly describe workplace violations and incidents and record them.
Expenses Can Now Be Associated To Clients/Customers

Sometimes you will incur expenses related to a specific client/customer. Now you can associate that expense to the client and keep track of expenses that way. You'll be able to filter the Expense List by Client/Customer. You'll also be able to see all the expenses related to a Client/Customer in their respective workspace.

Constituents Can Now Be Made Inactive

Constituents are used everywhere in Argenta! Deleting them after they've been used in the system is a bad idea. You should keep them for historical reference, but you don't want them coming up in lookup fields and showing up in current lists.

Now you can make a Constituent Inactive. Inactive Constituents...

  • Won't come up in the Constituent List unless you specifically use the new status selector above the list.
  • Won't come up in the system when you're selecting a constituent.
  • Won't get added to mail room lists.

Remember, it's important to know how a constituent is affiliated in the system and make them inactive in each affiliated section. For example: if a constituent is a member, you must make their Member record inactive first. Making a Constituent inactive doesn't automatically deactivate their respective affiliations.

We Just Finished A Huge Upgrade of The Argenta Mail System!

Here's What We've Done...

  • We've built a new mail relay server. This means emails are more likely to be delivered and not make their way into the junk email folder.

  • We've created Email Batches, a new system for grouping emails you send together, and tracking activity, like...
    • Opens
    • Bounces
    • Unsubscribes

  • We've connected email batches to campaigns, so you can track the performance of your email marketing efficiently.

  • We've changed our email templates, so you can...
    • Create and design your own original templates.
    • Write your own subject lines.
    • Include a greeting of your choice.
    • Send the email on behalf of any email address you choose.

Sending email starts with templates. Use email templates to build, design and send email to your supporters. Use email batches to track the success of your campaigns. Get started using some of the new features by choosing Sales & Marketing > Email Templates from the main menu. 

We will keep working to improve the functionality of our email system. Check back soon for more upgrades to this, and many other systems in Argenta.

Fundraising Progress Indicators Are Here
Fundraising campaigns are important! With Argenta you can build campaigns, then create and design a public, campaign contribution form. Once the campaign begins you can carefully track performance and metrics. You may have a goal in mind, a specific amount you need, or want to raise. If so, you can enter that amount in the Campaign's workspace on the Analytics & Metrics tab. 
What if you want to share that progress in real-time with your supporters? Now, we've got the solution for that. We've added a progress indicator, you can display on your public fundraising campaign forms. It's easy. All you have to do is open your campaign, choose the Public Form tab, and check "Display on Public Form", above the progress indicator. As donations come in the progress meter changes automatically. Sharing your success is a great way to engage your donor base.
Constituent Groups

Every module in Argenta has its own group of Constituents. For example, the Volunteerism Module has Constituents who are assigned as Volunteers, the Donation Module has constituents who are assigned as Donors. These are system affiliations that make Argenta fully integrated.

There may be times when you want to put your constituents into a group you've created. Let's say you wanted to keep track of every Constituent who has visited Europe. You could create a group called "We've Visited Europe", and add all the constituents who meet the criteria into that group. 

Once you have groups created you can use bulk actions to send an email blast, or add to an Event Guest list. Grouping makes managing your constituents more flexible!
More Event Module Upgrades!
Beginning Monday, you'll find even more choices for managing Event Ticket Sales in Argenta. Here's what to look for...

  • Now, you can choose whether or not you want to sell tickets at all for an event. Checking "Turn Off Ticket Sales on the Event Registration Form" will hide the payment box, and bypass the payment requirement on the public ticket sales form. This will allow your guests to register without any payment parameters.

  • If you do want to sell tickets, you can also decide if you'd like your ticket purchasers to opt-out of the credit card payment, and mail in a check instead. This option will offer your guests a choice on the payment form to mail a check and bypass the Stripe payment interface.

  • You can set the default Ticket QTY to "1" and prevent ticket purchasers from choosing multiple quantities of tickets for specific ticket types.

  • You can limit the number of tickets available for each ticket type offering. The public form will know how many tickets are available for each type and respond accordingly. If no tickets are available Argenta will close the event ticket sales form.
Meeting Minutes Can Now Be Connected to Client/Customer Records
Meeting Minutes have always been part of Argenta's Workflow & Productivity Module, but now you can associate them with a client or customer and then view any related meeting minutes in your Client/Customer's Workspace. This is another improvement for better collaboration and organization. 
Bulk Notes Are Here
Adding notes to a record in Argenta is easy and helpful. Subscribers use notes everyday to organize and track information about their supporters, donations, projects, volunteers, etc. But what if you have one note to add to many records? It's difficult to open each record and add the same note over and over. Now you don't have to. We've added the ability to choose "Add A Note" from the Bulk Actions above every list in Argenta. You can type the note you want to add once, then apply it to every selected record in the list. We're continuously adding bulk actions to make data entry easier, so you can do more of what really matters.
The Event Ticket Sales Form Is Getting Another Upgrade
Two additional features have been added to public ticket sales in Argenta. First, you'll be able to set the display order of your tickets. This will make selecting a ticket a bit more intuitive. The second feature allows you to indicate that a ticket type has a limited number of tickets available. You can set the maximum number of tickets available for each ticket type. Whenever a ticket sale is made, whether through your public ticket sales form or by entering a sale in Argenta, the system will decrease the number of tickets available by the number of tickets purchased.

Using The Argenta Event Module to Host a Webinar

If you'd like to host an online event, Argenta has a solution for that. We've added a place for your webinar link in Events. If you open an event and add a webinar link on the event detail tab, that link will be displayed on the receipt generated from the online, event ticket sales form. Hosting an online event can help you stay connected with your supporters during Covid-19.
Set A Maximum Number of Guests for Events

If for some reason an event must have a maximum number of guests, you can enter that number in your event work space on the Event
Details tab. If the maximum number of guests is not 0, Argenta will compare it with the current number of registered event guests. The event's public ticket sales form will automatically close when registrations reach this max number.
Start Collaborating With Your Team in the Cloud

Have you ever wanted to discuss important topics with your board members or team members, and keep a permanent record of the discussion? Starting today Argenta has a module for that. Meet Board Member Discussions and Team Member Discussions - two new sections in Argenta to help you collaborate in the cloud. If you would like to start using this new module, check out our Knowledge Base Articles: Overview, Working with Team Member Discussions & Overview, Working with Board Member Discussions or just give it a try by selecting "My Organization" from the main menu on the left side of the screen.

Have You Seen The New Event Management System Yet?

We've created a video to help you understand the changes we've made to Events.
An Overview of the Argenta Event Management Module will give you a comprehensive summary of each component and show you how to build events you can promote to your constituents and prospective event guests. We're still working on the Event Module upgrade and new features will continue to show up over the next month. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to your account manager. We're always happy to help you!

Volunteers Can Pick Available Tasks & Sign Up with Argenta Sign Up Sheets
A public sign-up system makes it easy to recruit and engage volunteers. Now you can use Argenta Sign-Up Sheets to display the tasks you choose and allow your volunteers to select the task they would like to help with. Unlike other online sign-up apps, Argenta sign-ups are always private. Only users with login credentials can see the assigned volunteers, keeping their information private.
Public Invoice Payments Are Here!
If you use invoices in Argenta to bill your members or customers, now you can accept payments through Argenta! To get started head over to General Financials > Invoices/Receivables -- you'll notice a new button above the list; "Open Public Payment Form". Just click that button and be redirected automatically. You can also open an invoice and click the corresponding copy button for the related payment form link.

You must have public templates turned on to use this feature. All public templates are free with your subscription, but you need to have them turned on to accept payments through Argenta. If you're not set up yet, talk to your Account Manager today to get started. 
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