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Have You Seen The New Event Management System Yet?

We've created a video to help you understand the changes we've made to Events.
An Overview of the Argenta Event Management Module will give you a comprehensive summary of each component and show you how to build events you can promote to your constituents and prospective event guests. We're still working on the Event Module upgrade and new features will continue to show up over the next month. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to your account manager. We're always happy to help you!

Volunteers Can Pick Available Tasks & Sign Up with Argenta Sign Up Sheets
A public sign-up system makes it easy to recruit and engage volunteers. Now you can use Argenta Sign-Up Sheets to display the tasks you choose and allow your volunteers to select the task they would like to help with. Unlike other online sign-up apps, Argenta sign-ups are always private. Only users with login credentials can see the assigned volunteers, keeping their information private.
Public Invoice Payments Are Here!
If you use invoices in Argenta to bill your members or customers, now you can accept payments through Argenta! To get started head over to General Financials > Invoices/Receivables -- you'll notice a new button above the list; "Open Public Payment Form". Just click that button and be redirected automatically. You can also open an invoice and click the corresponding copy button for the related payment form link.

You must have public templates turned on to use this feature. All public templates are free with your subscription, but you need to have them turned on to accept payments through Argenta. If you're not set up yet, talk to your Account Manager today to get started.