This article provides an understanding of the Mission Trip Account Workspace and explains how Mission Trip Accounts are Viewed/Opened, Edited/Updated, and Deleted.
To get to the Mission Trip Account Workspace, select Events and Programs > Mission Trip Accounts - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
To view or open an account, find the record you wish to open, by searching or filtering for the record.
Open or view the record by selecting the corresponding open iconfor the record you wish to view.  
This will open the record for you to view or update. 
On the Mission Trip Enrollments tab, you can open or view an enrollment by selecting the open icon.
On the Mission Trip Payments tab, you can view or open the payment details by selecting the open icon.
 On the Mission Trip Reserved Credits tab, you can view or open the reserved credits by selecting the open icon.
When you're in the Account Workspace, you can see all the information pertaining to the account.  
Functionality of the Account Workspace
You can return to the Mission Trip Account List from the screen by selecting the "Mission Trip Account List".
You can see when the account was created and who last modified the record.
There are three additional tabs of information: Mission Trip Enrollments, Mission Trip Payments, and Mission Trip Reserved Credits.
  • Mission Trip Enrollments tab displays any Mission Trips Enrollments for the Account your working with. (See additional details below.)

  • Mission Trip Payments will show you all the Mission Trip Payments that have been made toward this Mission Trip.  (See additional details below.)

  • Mission Trip Reserved Credits will show you the reserved credits for this Mission Trip.  (See additional details below.)
The "Quick Constituent Card" for the Mission Trip Account is displayed so you can see important contact information. To quickly see all the constituent information, open the full constituent card, by clicking the "Open The Full Constituent Card" button. Once the constituent card is open, you can view or update any contact, demographic, or other information you want.
You can quickly see if this constituent has a Do Not Solicit, Do Not Email, Do Not Call, or Potential Ambassador status. You can change these in the Constituent Card. Do Not Solicit means the constituent should not receive any marketing communication from your organization. Do Not Email creates rules Argenta follows throughout the system. If a constituent is designated as "Do Not Email" that constituent will never be added to any "Email List", Argenta won't allow it. This is very important because it's a legal matter to send email to someone who has asked you not to. This is also why it's very good practice to always use the Argenta Mail Room to build lists. 

A Potential Ambassador can be used however you like. Many organizations have supporters who are designated to help spread your message or to help grow your organization by encouraging others to support you. That's typically what is defined as an Ambassador. If someone is a potential ambassador, you can designate them that way so you can have further conversation with them about it.
Once you're in the Account Workspace you can Edit/Update the record as needed. These are the fields that can be edited/updated...
To update any of these fields simply click the drop downs or use the "Lookup" buttons to search for and select the new field values. When you've finished updating the record, click either the "Save All Changes & Continue" button to save and continue working or the "Save All Changes & Exit" button to save and go back to the Mission Trip Account List.
You can add any Related Files, Contact Log, or Notes to this Mission Trip. When uploading files, click "Browse" to select a file from your machine or drag and drop the file you want to upload into the drop box. Once the file has been successfully uploaded the indicator light will turn green. Click the "Save The Selected File" button to finish uploading the file. You'll see it in the file list when it's complete. Repeat the process for every additional file you want to upload.