Overview, Working with Fiscal Donations

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Nonprofit organizations exist to support and raise funds for a specific purpose. A donation is a gift made by an individual, household or organization to a nonprofit. Argenta has a Donation Management System built in to help you track and run reports on your material donations.


Open the Fiscal Donation Management Section


From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of any screen, select Donation Management > Fiscal Donations.






When the page loads, The Fiscal Donation List displays all the donations you have in Argenta. There are a few things you can do on this screen.


View The Total Number of Records and/or Total Dollar Value


Above every list is the total of all items currently displayed in the list. If you filter the list by specific criteria, the totals will change to reflect the filter. This is a very quick and easy way to count or sum list items.


Search The List


Enter key phrases into the search field to search the list. Fiscal donations can be searched by the donor's name or the donor id.



Advance Search and/or Filter The List


For information on how to filter material donations see KB Article, Filter Fiscal Donations



Export The List To Excel


Argenta is complete with many reports, charts, graphs and statements, but it may be necessary to manipulate your own data. You can do that by exporting to Excel. Every List in Argenta has an "Export To Excel" button above the list. Clicking the button exports the data currently displayed in the list to Microsoft Excel. If you have filtered the data by specific criteria, only the result set will be exported.



Sort The List


Click on any list header to sort the list by that field. Sorting the list can give you a visual overview of your data or help you find something quickly.



Add A New Fiscal Donation


Click the "Add New" button above the list to add a new fiscal donation. For information on how to add fiscal donations see KB Article, Add Fiscal Donations



View or Update Fiscal Donation Details


To open a fiscal donation record so you can view or update the details, click the corresponding View Update Icon in the list. For information on how to update fiscal donations see KB Article, View and/or Update Fiscal Donations


Delete Fiscal Donations


To delete a fiscal donation, click the corresponding Delete Icon in the list. Confirm you want to delete the record. The record will be deleted and disappear from the list.