A donation is a gift made by an individual, household, or organization to a nonprofit. Argenta has a donation management system built in to help you manage your donors and donations in one place. Like all financial systems in Argenta, the donation manager is fully integrated with our accounting system so contributions can be entered in one easy step. argenta allows you to:

  • Extensively track information about your donors.
  • Accept and process donation payments with branded public forms.
  • Build fundraising campaigns.
  • Setup recurring donations.
  • Track analytics and metrics using built-in reports.
From the Argenta dashboard on the left-hand side of any screen, select Donations and Grants > Fiscal Donations. This will redirect you to the Donation List. This list contains all the donations that have been entered into argenta.


This shows you a list of all of your fiscal donations with a quick summary of how many donations you’ve received and the total of those donations. It also gives an overview of each donation including:

  • The Donation ID
  • The date the donation was made
  • The amount of the donation
  • Details about the donation such as the type, the category, and whether a thank you was sent
  • Information about the donation, such as any related events or campaigns associated to the donation and whether it has been entered into the general ledger
  • The donor information
If you’re looking for a specific donation, you can do so by searching for it using the ID or Donor Name in the Search field. Using Argenta’s powerful Filter tool, you can select as much, or as little, criteria to create a custom view of your donation data. You can filter your donations by several data points, like: Donation Code, Donor and Donation Type, Donor and Donation Category, Donor Level, and whether the donation was added to the General Journal. You can also narrow the data by Date and/or Amount range. If you regularly filter using the same, or similar, criteria, you can save your filters to use when you need them.
Like all modules in Argenta, you can easily export the list to Excel. Whatever data is currently displayed in the list is what is exported to Excel. This means you can filter the list prior to exporting to narrow your data accordingly. 

Above every list is the total of all items currently displayed in the list. If you filter the list by specific criteria, the totals will change to reflect the filter. For help with filtering see KB article Filter Fiscal Donations.  This is a very quick and easy way to count or sum list items.

You can change the sort order of the list by choosing various data points and determining whether to display items in ascending or descending order.
Another important feature of Argenta lists is the ability to perform Bulk Actions on your data. You can use in-line check boxes to select the records you want to take action on, or you can use the bulk action drop down list to select all records meeting the appropriate criteria. Once you’ve done this select the action you’d like to take and click the Run Bulk Action button.
All argenta subscriptions come with a public donation form where you can accept donations using our Stripe integration. Click the Public Form Link button at the top of the page to copy a link to the form. Once you copy the link you can add it to your website, send it to your supporters or share it on social media.
You'll notice two buttons associated to each donation. 
Use this button to delete the corresponding donation 
Use this button to open the donation workspace  
The Donation Workspace
The donation workspace is where you view and/or edit any details of the donation.