Add Volunteer Tasks

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Volunteer Tasks are jobs you can assign to your volunteers. Once a volunteer has been added in Argenta a volunteer task can be created and assigned to them. Volunteer tasks can also be displayed on your public task calendar so volunteers can sign up for tasks. This automates the volunteer assignment process.

From the Argenta Main Menu on the left-hand side of the screen, choose Volunteerism > Volunteer Task.



This opens the Volunteer Task List page, from here click the "Add New" button.



You will be redirected to the Add A New Volunteer Task page.


You'll only need to enter a few details to add the task. Click the small calendar icon in the Start Date & Time field to enter the task start date. Click the small clock icon to enter the task start time. Do the same for the end date and time. If you're not sure when the task will end, just give an estimate. This field is required because it's used to total the volunteer's task hours. You can always update it once the task is complete.

Check the "Display This Individual Task on the Public Calendar" to attach the task to your calendar.  For more help on the public calendar please see KB Article - Using the Volunteer Task Calendar.

Next enter a descriptive title for your task. The title can be up to 140 characters long. The title will display in the task list and on your public task calendar.

If you want, you can enter a more detailed description of the task as well, but this is not a required field.

You can associate a volunteer with this task by selecting the volunteer from the "Lookup" screen.  You can associate a client for this task by selecting the client from the "Lookup" screen.  

Then enter a Volunteer Task Category by selecting one from the drop-down list or adding a new one by selecting "Add New."

If this task is associated with a Task Group ID then select "Lookup" and select the task group it belongs to.

Add a task status by selecting a status from the drop-down list.  You may also choose the checkbox "This task was unfulfilled" if this applies to the task.

You can enter a date entered, date assigned, any mileage and amount per mile if applicable to the task.

Next choose a Department/Chapter, District, or Precinct, by using the corresponding drop down menus if they apply to the task.

This completes the top half of the screen.  The bottom half of the screen is for the Task location, Contact information, Related Files and notes.



You can enter the task location by selecting the "Lookup" button and searching for the location.  Once selected you can fill out any remaining fields for the location including the parking instructions if needed.

Fill out the contact information if needed for the task. Any special instructions/comments or accommodations if needed for the task.

Lastly, you can attach any related files or add any notes to this task as needed.  For help adding a related file please refer to KB Article - Add Related Files.  For help adding a note please refer to KB Article - Add A Note to the Notes Section.

Once all the information about your task has been filled out click the "Save All & Exit" button. This button adds your task then redirects you to your complete listing of your organizations volunteer tasks.