The volunteer task calendar is used to display volunteer tasks in calendar view. If you want to let your volunteers know what tasks you have available so they can sign up to help, then you can request a public interface for your Volunteer Task Calendar. For more information on public forms and interfaces contact your account manager.
To view your volunteer tasks in calendar view select Volunteerism > Volunteer Task Calendar from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
This will open your volunteer task calendar.  Here you can view any task items or add new task items to the calendar. 
To view a task simply double click on the task to view it.  You can export this calendar to a PDF by clicking the "Export to PDF" button on the top.  
There are two ways you can add an item to the calendar.  The first, is by adding a volunteer task and the second is by using the "Add New" button above the calendar.  Both ways will open the Volunteer Task window.  For more help adding a volunteer task please see KB Article - Add Volunteer Tasks.
Once you select the check mark box for "Display This Individual Task on the Public Calendar" and complete the details about your task, it will be displayed on the calendar.