Argenta allows you to track and fulfill your orders within the system. Orders can only be placed with one of the vendors listed in the vendor section. Once an order is fulfilled the items go into the inventory system. This allows you to track your placed orders with your vendors and add fulfilled items into your inventory in one easy step.
To get stated, select Products and Inventory > Product Orders - from the left hand side of the Argenta main menu.
This will bring you into the Product Orders screen where you can see the status of all your orders. From here you will select the "Add New" button from the top.
This will open the Add Product Orders screen where you will enter the details of your order.
From here you will need to enter the details of your order. Let's take a look each field in detail:
1. Order Date -  Enter the date you placed the order.  You can manually enter a date or use the date selector.
2. Vendor ID - Select the "Lookup" button to search for and select your vendor that you are placing the order with. If your vendor is not listed you can select "Add New" to add a new vendor. For help on adding a new vendor please refer to KB Article - Add Vendors.  
3. Product ID - This is the vendors product ID for the product you are ordering. Select the "Lookup" button to search for and select the product ID for this vendor. If the product ID is not listed you can add a new one by selecting the "Add New" button. This is a required field.
4. Unit of Measure - This field will automatically fill once you select your Product ID. This is a required field.
5. Cost - This field will automatically fill once you select your Product ID. This is a required field.
6. Quantity -  Enter the quantity you are ordering of this product. This is a required field.
Once all of these details have been filled out you will select the "Add Selected Product" button to add the product to your order. You can continue adding more products to the order if needed or select the "Complete Order" button to save the order and be returned to your complete Product Order listing.  
Here you will see your product order listed at the top with the Order Status of "Pending." This means that the order has not been fulfilled yet. You will also see that the order says "Not in the General Ledger" in the Payment Information. You will update these sections when the order is fulfilled.  
This completes the adding a product order section. The next section covers how to fulfill the order.
When your order comes in you need to add the product(s) to your inventory and create the payment for the order. This can be done in one step in Argenta. To start this step select the corresponding open icon  for the order you are wanting to fulfill.  
This will open the Order Details screen.
From here you will enter the details of the fulfillment. Let's take a look at what is needed here:
Order Details:
Fulfill Items In This Order To Add Them To Inventory:
This is where you will fulfill your order. From here you can add additional items to this order by selecting the "Add Items To This Order" button, you can update the item status, change the quantity by selecting the "Save Status & QTY Changes," or you can fulfill all the items in the order by selecting the "Fulfill All Items In This Order." Lets explore these options in detail:
Add Items To This Order:
If extra items were sent or received you can add them before you fulfill the order. To add items to this order, click the "Add Items To This Order" button and the add product section will come up. Select the Product ID and fill in the Quantity for the item(s). Then click the "Add Item To Order" button to add the item(s). 
Save Status & QTY Changes:
You can update the status of your order to: Unavailable, Back-ordered, Restocked, or Incomplete by selecting on of these status from the drop-down menu.  You can update your quantity by placing the correct quantity in the QTY box and then selecting the "Save Status & QTY Changes" button. This will update the status and quantities of the order for you.
Fulfill All Items In This Order:
To fulfill some of the items in the order, you can select the "Fulfill Item" button on the corresponding item lines for just the items you received. If the whole order is received you can fulfill the whole order in one swift motion by selecting the "Fulfill All Items In This Order" button. This will fulfill all the items and their quantities as ordered and change the status to fulfilled.
Return Item:
In the event you need to return and item, after the order has been fulfilled you can select the "Return Item" button. This will change the order back to unfulfilled and allow you to change the quantity. Change the quantity to the amount you have on hand, minus the ones you are returning and select the "Fulfill Item" button to update the quantity to what you are keeping.
In addition to these sections you can also add any related files or notes to this order. 
For help adding related files, please see KB Article - Add Related Files.
For help adding notes, please see KB Article - Add A Note to the Notes Section.