How To Efficiently Manage Your Nonprofit With Argenta Member Management Software In 2022

Argenta Nonprofit Software offers a full suite of member management and event features. Many nonprofit & political organizations function around a strong member base. As your member base grows, it is essential to manage their needs through a comprehensive member management software solution. Argenta makes it simple to coordinate events & members from the beginning to the end. Argenta nonprofit software includes a suite of tools designed to make your organization’s member management effortless.

Recruit Members

Streamline member recruitment with Argenta’s member and lead databases. Whether you contact past members or run a campaign to find new member leads, our integrated member management software has you covered every step of the way. Store and consult extensive past member records with our generous record limits. Recruit new members through Argenta events and campaigns modules. Create custom lists of potential candidates and then send custom email or text messages from Argenta. Stay current on member information and save time with public forms that allow members to update their own information.

Register Members

Argenta’s online member management software reduces paperwork and streamlines the registration process through online registration forms. Send links to custom events and campaign pages through custom emails to potential members.

Receive Membership Payments

Does your organization have monthly or annual membership dues? Argenta’s public member payment forms make it simple for members to pay through Stripe integration. Forget calling each individual member. Simply send out a link to the form in a custom email to your member base and watch the payments come in.

Group Members

Many nonprofit or political organizations need the flexibility to group their members with custom group names and criteria. Argenta’s membership management platform allows the grouping of members in limitless ways. Assign your group to a department, category, age level, sponsor/owner or budget. Attach associated files or notes to the group. Maximize privacy by limiting access to group information through the record permission system.

Track Member Visits

Many organizations function with a need to track member visits and engagements. With Argenta’s member management software you can save the date of the visit, the associated department or category as well as the team member involved. Even attach files and notes to the visit. With Argenta’s generous record limits you will never be without these important records at your fingertips.

Member Database

The Argenta platform organizes members, member positions, member groups, member tasks, member needs, member visits and member engagements for easy access with an integrated, comprehensive member database. Build extensive lists of past and present members and then search for results with simple filters. No need for training to perform complicated queries like some of our competitors’ software platforms. With Argenta nonprofit software, all queries are designed to be simple and user friendly.

Member Module Integration

Argenta is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for nonprofits with Member Management built in. Also included are CRM, HR Management, Fund Accounting, Fundraising, Event Management, Email Marketing, Project Management, Product & Inventory Management and Campaign Management for one low price. Whether in the office or on-the-go, our cloud software is responsive and accessible from your desktop computer, tablet, or phone. All modules are included for one low price! Sign up for a free trial or demo today.