If you have accounts in your Chart of Accounts that use a register, you can access it from the Chart of Accounts list.
To get the the Chart of Accounts, select General Financials > Chart of Accounts - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
This will display all the accounts in your chart of accounts.
From here you can add a new account to your chart of accounts by selecting the "Add New" button. For help adding an account please see KB Article - Add Accounts to the Chart of Accounts.
You can filter your chart of accounts by Account Status, Account type or Account Detail Type, allowing you to see the accounts you specify.
You can export your chart of accounts to Excel by selecting the "Export to Excel" button.
You can view your Account Detail Types and Account Transfers by selecting either the "Account Detail Types" or "Account Transfers" buttons.
You can also choose to use the search box and searching your chart of accounts by an account name. 
To open an account register click the corresponding account register  icon.  This is helpful for when you want to see all transactions for a specific bank account.
This will open the account register for the account you choose.  Here you will see all the transactions within the register.
From here you can open any transaction in the register by clicking on the corresponding open icon for the transaction you wish to view, open, or edit.  
This will open the selected transaction for you to view or edit.
When you are in an Account Register you can return to your chart of accounts list by selecting the "Chart of Accounts" button.
From your Chart of Accounts is also where you will Reconcile your accounts. For more help reconciling accounts please see KB Article - How to Reconcile Your Account.
You can edit/update an Account Number for any account in your Chart of Accounts.
You can delete an account from your chart of accounts by selecting the delete icon  for the corresponding account you wish to delete. You can only delete an account that has not been used anywhere in Argenta. A pop-up window will ask if you are sure you want to delete the record. Select "Yes" and the record will be deleted. Be very careful, deletion is a final action and can not be undone.
If you need to change any of the details about an account open the account you wish to edit by selecting the corresponding open icon . This will open the View/Update screen where you can edit the details of the account.