Argenta allows you to track items that you lend out.  To use the Lending Library you first need to add items to your inventory in order to lend them out.  For help adding items to your inventory please see KB Article - Add Lend Out Inventory.  When all your items have been added to inventory you are ready to use your lending library. To start lending out your items select from the Argenta main menu, left-hand side, Products and Inventory > Lend Out Inventory.
This will open up the Inventory Lending Lists screen.  Lending lists are a way to group your inventory items together that you would like to lend out to constituents.  Or you can lend a single item.  To lend out an item simply click the "Add New" button.
This will open up the choose inventory items to add to a lending list screen.  From here you will fill in the quantities (QTY) of the item(s) that you will be lending out.  Inventory items can be lent to constituents.  When you are finished click "Add Designated Items To A Lending List". If you enter a QTY for an item with no inventory it will be disregarded when the lending list is compiled.
This will open the Inventory Lending Details screen.
From here you list the details of your lending items.  Lets take a look at these fields:
Inventory Lending List Details:
  • Lending Status. Options are In Process and Lended Out.
  • Date Lended Out. This is the date that you lent out your items.  You can manually type a date or use the date selector.  This is a required field.
  • Planned Return Date.  This is the projected planned return date.  You can manually type a date or use the date selector.
  • Actual Return Date.  Leave this blank until the items come back.  This is the actual date the items were returned.  You can manually type a date or use the date selector.
  • Lent By (Team Member).  This is your team member that lent the items out.  You can start typing a name or use the drop-down box to select a member.
  • Lent To Constituent ID.  Select the "Lookup" button to search for and select the constituent that you loaned these items to.  This is a required field.
  • Description.  You can put any description about the items that you want in this field.
Inventory Items in this Lending List:
This is a recap of the item(s) that you are adding to this lending list.  If you need to adjust the quantities this is your last chance.
This will lend your item out and return you to your inventory lists.  This screen will show you the status of your lending items as well.
Once all the details about your items being lent have been filled out select the "Save All Changes & Exit" button.  This will add the item(s) to your lending lists.  From here you can see the items that have been lent out, the items that are in process and also the ones that have been returned.
To return an item simply click the open button   in front of the corresponding line item that you wish to return.  This will open the inventory lending list and allow you to place a date in the Actual Return Date field.  You can manually type a date or use the date selector.  Also, choose "Returned" in the Lending Status drop-down menu.   Once a date has been selected and the Returned status has been set, click the "Save All Changes & Exit" button to save this item and make it as returned.