Now that you know how to create a mailing list lets show you how you can use them.
For more help on building and creating a mailing list please see KB Article - Add Mailing Lists.
To get started using your mailing lists, select from the main menu, left-hand side Argenta Mail Room.
This will open the Argenta Mail Room.
From here you will use the drop-down menu "Select A Mailing List to Display" to select he list you want to work with.  Once your list has been selected it will be displayed below.
Take note that it will give you a record count for the items in your list.  From here you can do the following with your list:
  • Add Engagements
  • Add Constituents
  • Duplicate List
  • Create Mailing Labels
  • Excel Export
  • CSV Export
Lets explore each of these options and show you how to use each.
Add Engagements:
When you have a list that you want to bulk add engagements for you can do so by selecting the "Add Engagements" button.  
This will open the Add Engagements screen.
From here you will select the engagement type and record type by using the drop-down menus.  Select an engagement date and the team member who did the engagement and select the "Mark All With This Engagement" button to add the engagement to all those in the list you selected.
Add Constituents:
If this list is not complete or for any reason you wish to add other constituents to this list you may do so by selecting the "Add Constituents" button.  
This will open up a Search To Add Constituents To The Mailing List search bar.
From here you will search for and select those constituents that you wish to add to this list.  Simply type in their name or portion of their name and select "Search."  This will bring you up a list of those constituents that match that name for you to add.  To add the constituent to your list simply select the + at the end of the line for your constituent.
This will add the constituent to your list.  From here you can continue adding all the constituents you need to complete your list.
Duplicate List:
The next thing you can do is to duplicate your list.  This is handy for when you want to modify the list into another list but keep your original list as well.  To duplicate the list simply click the "Duplicate List" button and a Add A New Mail List screen will come up.
From here you will enter a name for your new list in the Mail List Title and select whether the list is going to be an email list or a mail list.  Then click "Add This List" and the list will be duplicated and the new list will be renamed with your selected title.
Create Mailing Labels:
Once you have a list ready to be turned in to labels for a mailing, Argenta makes this step super simple.  Simply click the "Create Mailing Labels" button and this will open up the Select A Print Template for your labels.
From here you will type in the number of the labels that you wish to print your labels on.  A popular one is the Avery 5160 labels, if you type 5160 and either search or enter this will bring up the labels that match this number.  You have the option to print these in small font or large font.  Simply select your label with either small or large font by selecting the corresponding checkmark.  This will open the labels in a browser window.  If you don't see them or get an error it is because your pop-up blocker is blocking it.  Allow the pop-up and your labels will be displayed and a printer box will open for you to print the labels.  Load your labels in your printer and click print.
Excel Export:
If you would like to export this list to excel to work on it there you can do so by selecting the "Excel Export" button.  This will ask you to open or save the file or download the file in your browser downloads.  Choose the file and this will open it in Excel for you to work on.
CSV Export:
If you would like to do a CSV file for other mailing options you can do this by selecting the "CSV Export" button.  This will ask you to open or save the file or download the file in your browser downloads.  Save the file so that you can import it for your mail merge.