A mail list is a list of constituents created for the purpose of mass emailing, postal mailing or text messaging. A mail list may be created in one of two ways. 

Create A Mail List from A Relationship Screen (ex: Donors)

Relationship management screens, Donors, Clients, Volunteers, all have a “Filter List" function that allows your list to be narrowed down by selecting specific criteria to filtering the list. This is an easy way to select numerous records to add to a list.


To create a mail list of donors with the donor type Board Member, you would select Donations and Grants > Donors - from the Argenta main menu of the left-hand side.


This will bring you into your full list of Donors. From here, click the "Filter List" button.

The Filter List panel will open above the list.



From the Donor Type drop down list choose the donor type you want to send mail to. For our example we will select "Board Member".

Click the “Filter List” button.

The list will display only donors who are designated as board members. Select each record, or use the empty checkmark box at the top of the list to select all records.

Click the drop-down list for bulk action and select "Create A New Mail Room List With Selected Records" then the "Run Bulk Action" button.

The Add A New Mail List window will open. Choose to make an Email List, US Mail List, Text List or all three under Select The List Type(s) You Want To Create.

Type a title for your new mail list in the Mail List Title field. Then if you want to set permission access for the lit you can do so by selecting a Department/Chapter, District or Precinct from the drop-down lists. This will only allow those with these permission to access this list.

Once you have filled in these details click the "Add This List" button to add the list and close out of the screen. 

To Create A New List in the Mail Room

You can also choose to create a new mail list right from the Mail Room. This allows you to individually add names to a list. To create a list this way you would open the Mail Room:
This will open the Mail Room.  From here you will need to choose the tab for the list you wish to create. The My U.S. Mailing Lists tab for a mail list, the My Email List tab for an email list or the My Text Lists tab for a text list.
Once you have selected a list tab, click the "Add New" button to add a new list.  This will open the Add A New Mail List screen.
From here you will select the list type, enter a list title, and can set permission for the list. Once these details have been filled in select the "Add This List" to create your new list.
You have created a new list with no constituents. To add constituents to this new list you first have to select the list from the drop-down list.
Then you will select the "Add Constituents" button.
This will open a Search To Add Constituents To The Mailing List box. From here you will search for and select individual constituents to add to your list.
To View your Created Lists

To view the new list,  choose the Argenta Mail Room - from the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

This will open the Mail Room. You will find lists exported to the Mail Room as US Mailing Lists in the drop-down list under the My U.S. Mailing Lists tab. Lists exported as Email Lists will be in the drop-down list under the My Email Lists tab. Lists exported as Text Lists will be in the drop-down list under the Text Lists tab.
Select a tab for the list you saved. Then select the "Select A Mailing List To Display" drop-down to choose the list you just created.
Your list will be populated and you can add more constituents, delete constituents, add engagements, duplicate the list, create mailing labels, export your list to Excel or CSV, all from this screen.