This article provides an understanding of the Project Workspace and explains how Projects are Viewed/Opened, Edited/Updated, and Deleted.
Argenta has a project management system built in to help you plan and manage projects. While projects can be chaotic, using a tool to help organize all your tasks, files, notes and information in one place can help control the process. Each project has its own workspace, which includes, but is not limited to, the following features:
  • Project Planning
  • Project Task List to help assign items and keep track of hours spent and mileage of a specific task.
  • Project Team to assign roles to team members and keep track of their hours related to the role.
  • Team Discussions to keep all project related discussion in one centralized easy to use space.
  • Project Check Lists a way to help you remember important items.
To get started, select Workflow/Productivity > Projects - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
To view or open a project, find the project you wish to open, by searching or filtering for the project.
Open or view the project by selecting the corresponding open icon for the project you wish to view.
This will open the project for you to view or update.
On the Team Discussions tab, you can open or view a discussion by selecting the open icon.
On the Project Check Lists tab, you can open or view the project check list by selecting the open icon.
When you are in the Project Workspace, you can see all the information pertaining to the Project.
Functionality of the Project Workspace
You can return to the Project List from the screen by selecting the "Project List" button.
You can lock the Project by Department or by the Team Members Assigned. Choosing to lock by department allows only users with permissions for the selected department to view this project. Choosing to lock by team allows only the primary and subsequent team members listed below to view this project. Choosing both allows users with permissions to the selected department and any assigned team members.  To choose either of these lock permissions place a check mark in the appropriate box(es).
There are three additional tabs of information: Project Task List, Project Team, Team Discussions, and Project Check Lists.
On the Project Task List tab, you can create an itemized invoice or use the work time to keep track of your hours.
On the Team Discussions tab, you can create a new discussion, or join in an existing conversation.
Once you are in the Project Workspace you can Edit/Update the project as needed.  These are the fields that can be edited/updated:
To update any of these fields simply click the drop downs, click or unclick the check boxes, click into the text box, or use the date selector or "Lookup" buttons to search for and select the new field values.  When you have finished updating the record, click either the "Save All Changes & Continue" button to save and continue working or the "Save All Changes & Exit" button to save and go back to the Project List.
You can add any Related Files or Notes to the Project.  When uploading files, click "Browse" to select a file from your machine or drag and drop the file you want to upload into the drop box. Once the file has been successfully uploaded the indicator light will turn green. Click the "Save The Selected File" button to finish uploading the file. You'll see it in the file list when it's complete. Repeat the process for every additional file you want to upload.