This article provides an understanding of the Mission Trip Payment Workspace and explains how Mission Trip Payments are Viewed/Opened, Edited/Updated, and Deleted.
To get to the Mission Trip Payment Workspace, select Events and Programs > Mission Trip Payments - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
To view or open a payment, find the record you wish to open, by searching or filtering for the record.
Open or view the record by selecting the corresponding open icon for the record you wish to view.
This will open the record for you to view.
When you are in the Mission Trip Payment Details screen, you can see all the information pertaining to the mission trip payment.
From here you can see the date posted and by whom. You can also see when the record was last modified and by whom.
To add a mission trip payment, please see KB Article - Add A Mission Trip Payment.
Functionality of Payment Details
You can see which Mission Trip and Account the payment applies to.
You can add the payment to the General Journal and Associate a Fund, Deposit or Checking Account, and Account to the payment. You can also remove the Transaction for the General Journal.
Once you are in the Mission Trip Payment Details screen, you can Edit/Update the record as needed. These are the fields that can be edited/updated:
To update any of these fields simply click the drop downs or use the "Lookup" buttons to search for and select the new field values. When you've finished updating the record, click either the "Save All Changes & Continue" button to save and continue working or the "Save All Changes & Exit" button to save and go back to the Mission Trip Payments List.
Be careful not to edit payments processed by Strip.
You can add any Related Files or Notes to this Payment. When uploading files, click "Browse" to select a file from your machine or drag and drop the file you want to upload into the drop box. Once the file has been successfully uploaded the indicator light will turn green. Click the "Save The Selected File" button to finish uploading the file. You'll see it in the file list when it's complete. Repeat the process for every additional file you want to upload.
For help adding a Related File Please refer to KB Article - Add Related Files.
For help adding a note to the Notes Section, please refer to KB Article - Add A Note to the Notes Section.
Anytime you see a delete button  you can delete the corresponding record. To delete any record in Argenta, simply click the "Delete" button. A pop-up window will ask if you are sure you want to delete the record. Select "Yes" and the record will be deleted. Be very careful, deletion is a final action and can not be undone.
There is only one place that you can delete information in Mission Trip Payments:
 You can delete a Mission Trip Payment. Be very careful not to delete credit card payments processed by Stripe.