Whether you need to up your subscription users, change your organization's information, add logos, edit your users or set a dashboard message this is all done with your subscription settings.
To reach your subscription settings, on the Argenta main menu at the top right-hand corner click "Subscription." 
This will open your subscription settings.  There are five tabs across the top that all have different settings.  Let's explore each page:
This is the screen that controls all your organizations information and settings.  Lets explore all the settings:
If you have changed anything please click the "Save All Changes" button to save the changes made.
You can submit a support request by click the "Submit A Support Request" button.  A support request is any request that you have for custom modifications to your system or other issues that you need help with.
You can cancel your subscription by clicking the "Cancel Your Subscription" button.
Our Payments
Our payments will show you every payment made for your subscription.  You an also change the card that is on file for your automatic subscription on this screen.  To change the card on file simply click the "Pay Subscription Fee" button.
This will open the Argenta Subscription Payment window.
Here you will type in an email for the payment receipt (Email field), the full credit card number (Card number field), the two digit month and year the card expires (MM/YY), and the CVC code for the card (CVC field).  Then click "Pay."  This will pay your subscription fee and save this card for future payments.
Stripe Payment Setup
You will use this tab to setup your stripe account.  Stripe is the merchant provider that runs all the payments and donations for your organization through Argenta.  This makes all your online giving and event registrations seamless in Argenta.
Our Users
Our users tab shows you all the user accounts you have setup.  Remember that your subscription setting dictates how many users you can have.  This is where you can Add, View, Update or Delete users.  If you need additional users, change your subscription type to one with a higher limit of users.
From here you can filter your users by All Users, Active or Inactive by selecting the All Users drop down menu.
You can add a new user by selecting the "Add New" button.
You can export your users to Excel by selecting the "Export to Excel" button.
You can use the search box to search for a particular user.
You can edit your user(s) by clicking the open button   in front of the corresponding record you wish to open.  This will open the User Details screen.
From here you can edit the user's details, set permissions and set precinct level permissions.  Lets explore all the fields:
Quick Constituent Card-(These are fields from their constituent card.)
User Details-
Once all of these fields have been edited or reviewed, select the "Save All Changes & Continue" button to update and save these changes.  
Dashboard Message
This is the place where you can update your team's dashboard message/announcements.  If you don't have a message entered here, the dashboard message section will not be displayed.
If you add a message the message section will appear and your message will be displayed. 
To add a message simply type your message and format the message like you word in a Word document.  Once the message is ready to be viewed on the dashboard simply click the "Save The Dashboard Message" for the message to be saved and loaded onto the dashboard.