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The Website page is a collection of all the websites owned and managed by your organization. This is a useful place for web developers to store important information and addresses relating to these websites.


From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen, choose My Organization > Our Website(s).



Click the “Add New” button.



This will pop up the Add a New Website window.




Select the website’s launch date from the “Launch Date” date picker or type it in manually. Choose the website’s status from its corresponding drop-down list and enter the website’s name in the "Website Title" field. These are all required fields.


If you like, you can also enter the names of the primary and secondary web developers or business analysts in their respective fields. These are not required.


Additionally, you can fill out additional tabs containing several fields about the website’s information. There are nine tabs at the top of the box, which organize the information. None of these fields are required, so you can fill it out as needed.


The Site Access Info tab:

Website URL TEST

Website URL DEV

Website URL PROD

FTP Address


FTP Password

Site Admin/CMS URL

Site Admin/CMS User ID

Site Admin/CMS Password

Statistics URL

Statistics User ID

Statistics Password


The TEST Server Info, DEV Server Info, PROD Server Info tabs:   (These all have the same fields, so make sure you are entering information under the correct tab. Each field ends with type of server it relates to in parenthesis)

Web Server Name

Web Server FQDN

Web Server IP Address

Web Server Code Location

Web Server User ID

Web Server Password

Database Server Name

Database Server FQDN

Database Server IP Address

Database Name

Database User ID

Database Password


The Hosting Provider Info tab:

Hosting Provider

Hosting Site ID

Hosting Account Number

Hosting Secret Answer

Hosting Tech User ID

Hosting Tech Password

Hosting Customer Svc. User ID

Hosting Customer Svc. Password

Hosting Tech Support URL

Hosting Customer Service URL

Hosting Tech Support Phone

Hosting Customer Svc. Phone

Hosting Tech Support Email

Hosting Customer Svc. Email

Hosting Due Date (Expense)

Resale Billing Date (Income)

Hosting Cost (Expense)

Resale Profit (Income)

Monthly Site Maintenance $ (Income)


The Domain Name Registration Info tab:

Domain Registrar

Domain Registrar URL

Domain Registrar Phone

Domain Registrar Email Address

Expiration Date

Domain Registrar User ID

Domain Registrar Password

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS


The Related Spec Lists, and Related Files and Related Notes tabs:  (These all have an open “lists” field, where you can type in as many entries as needed.)


After reviewing the information entered, click the “Save All Changes & Exit” button to finish. The window will close and you will find your new website in the Website list.