The Website page is a collection of all the websites owned and managed by your organization. This is a useful place for web developers to store important information and addresses relating to these websites.

To get started, choose My Organization > Our Websites - from the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen,.




This will bring you into your Websites list. From here, click the “Add New” button.



This will open the Website Workspace window.

Here you will need to fill out the details of your website. Let's go over each field and tab in detail:
1. Record Permissions - You can choose to lock the record by placing a checkmark in the "Lock This Record"  box. Choosing to lock this record prevents users from viewing or updating it, unless they're either a master admin or given specific permissions on the Record Permissions tab. Permissions also work by assigning a department, district and/or precinct. If you have users in your system who are restricted by these permissions, they will only be able to see records in the departments/districts/precincts you have granted them access to.
2. Launch Date - Enter the launch date of the website. You can manually enter in a date or use the date selector. This field is required.
3. Current Status - By default creating a new website will list the status of "Active." If you need to inactive the website you can do so by selecting it from the drop-down list. This field is required.
4. Website Title - Enter a title for your website. This field is required.
5. Website URL TEST - Enter your test website URL here.
6. Website URL DEV - Enter your development website URL here.
7. Website URL PROD - Enter your production website URL here.
8. Website URL Other - Enter your other website URL here.
9. FTP Address - Enter your FTP address here.
10. FTP User ID - Enter the FTP user ID here.
11. FTP Password - Enter the FTP password here.
12. Primary Developer or Business Analyst - Enter your primary developer or business analysts name here.
13. Designer, Business Analyst or Secondary Developer - If you have a secondary designer, analyst, or developer, enter their name here.
14. Site Admin/CMS URL - Enter your content management systems admin URL here.
15. Site Admin/CMS User ID - Enter your content management system admin user ID here.
16. Site Admin/CMS Password - Enter your content management system password here.
Once these details have been enter you can also add any related files or notes to this website by using the sections below.
For help adding a related file, please see KB Article -Add Related File.
For help adding a note to the notes section, please see KB Article - Add A Note to the Notes Section.
Before moving on you should save your changes. If you are done working on your website details you can click the "Save All Changes & Exit" button. This will return you to your website list. If you are not done with your website details you can click the "Save All Changes & Continue" button or the Save Icon from the top. This will save your changes and allow you to keep working in the Website Workspace.
In addition, there are five additional tabs for information.  They are: Website Spec Lists, Domain Name Registration, Hosting Provider, Web & Database Servers, Record Permissions. Lets go over each of these tabs and the information they contain in detail.
Website Spec Lists