The volunteer positions list is a list of each volunteer position you have in your organization, whether filled or open. You can see at a glance, which positions you have open that need to be filled.  Volunteer positions clarify the credentials and responsibilities of your organization’s volunteer members. 
To use Volunteer Positions in Argenta,  select Volunteerism > Volunteer Positions -  from the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side.
This will open the Volunteer Positions list. From here, click the "Add New" button.
This will open the Add A Volunteer Position window.
Here is where you will fill out all the details about your volunteer position:
1. Volunteer Position/Job Title - Enter a title or position name. This field is required.
2. Number of Positions - Enter the number of positions that you have for this position.
3. Current Availability - Select if the position is open or filled.
4. Full or Part Time. Select whether the position is full or part time. This field is required.
5. Category - Select a category from the drop-down list. If a category is not listed you can create a new one by clicking the "Add New" button.
6. Volunteer ID - Your volunteer must already be a constituent in Argenta. Select the "Lookup" button to search for and select the volunteer you are adding to this position. For help adding a new volunteer please see KB article - Add Volunteers.  This field is required.
7. Manager ID (Team Member) - You must designate a team member that is the manager over this position. This field is required.
8. Department/Chapter - Selecta department or chapter that the position belongs to. If a department of chapter is not listed you can add a new one by clicking the "Add New" button.
9. District. Select a district if one applies. 
10. Precinct. Select a precinct if one applies.
11. Job Description. This is a free-form field where you can type in all the details about the position as needed. 
Once all fields have been complete, click the "Add This Volunteer Position" button to add the position and be returned to your complete Volunteer Position listing.