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Argenta has a project management system built in to help you plan and manage projects. While projects can be chaotic, using a tool to help organize all your tasks, files, notes and information in one place can help control the process.


To Add A Project


From the Argenta main menu, on the left-hand side of the screen, select Workflow/Productivity > Projects

This will redirect you to the Project Management Tool...



Click the "Add New" button above the list.


This will redirect you to the Add A New Project screen.



Any field with a red asterix  *  indicates a required field that must be completed before the project can be submitted. 


If the project should be locked by either the department or team member assigned, choose those options under Project Permissions.


Click the "Lookup" button to pop up a window allowing you to search and select constituents designated as Board Members, Staff Members, Volunteers and Users. These groups represent team members of your organization and may have a project assigned.


When the look up window closes the Assigned To field will display the corresponding ID # for the team member primarily responsible for this project or the project owner. You will also notice the affiliate's name displayed under the textbox. The default value is "Unassigned*". If you do not have a project owner, you should leave the project in the unassigned state.


Choose the Associated Department/Division if applicable.


Enter a title for your project in the Project Title field. This is a required field and will allow no more than 140 characters.


Enter a description for the project in the Description field. Type a brief description of the project and any important details the project owner may need to know. This is not a required field but it is recommended.


Assign a current status for the project from the Project’s Current Status drop-down list. The status field is important. It carries the project through its life-cycle. Typically, when you enter a project it is "New", but another status code may apply. Other status codes include...

Pending Initial Approval

Approved In Spec


In Process

Waiting On Client

In Testing/QA

Needs Final Approval

On Hold




Choose a priority from the Priority drop down list. This field is required.


Choose the budget for the project in the Project Budget field.


Enter the projected number of hours it will take to complete the project in the Projected Number of Hours field.


Enter the date the project was requested or created in the Date of Request field. This field is required.


Enter the date the requestor or project initiator would like to have the project completed in the Desired Due Date field. This may not be the final due date, but a projection. This is a required field.


Enter the actual due date. You can enter the same date as the desired due date or indicate an actual date. The actual due date can be changed in the Project Workspace after the project has been entered. This is a required field.


If the project you're entering is already complete you can enter a completion date, otherwise leave it blank. This field is not required.


If your project has related client billing, choose YES for Is This A Client Project?. This will enable the Select The Associated Client and Is Project Billable To The Client? fields.


Choose the client from the drop-down list.


If the project is billable to the client, choose YES in the Is Project Billable To The Client? field and enter the hourly rate in the Client’s Hourly Rate field.


If someone requested the project you can enter their information in the Requestor’s First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone fields. These fields are not required.


Enter a justification for the project in the Justification field. Type a reason why the project is being requested and give justification for the priority assigned. This is not a required field.

Click the "Add This Project" button.


You will be redirected back to the Project List. The project you entered will appear in the list where it will appear at the top of the list with a Project Number, automatically assigned.