A pledge is an estimate of how much money a donor plans to give during a specified period of time. Pledges can be entered into Argenta then converted into fiscal donations once the donor completes the transaction. A pledge is not a binding contract. 

To get started, choose Donations & Grants > Pledges - from the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen.



This will open up the full listing of your organizations Pledges. From here, click the “Add New” button.



This will bring up the Pledge Workspace screen.

From here you will need to enter the details of your pledge. Let's explore each field in detail:
1. Record Permissions - You can choose to lock the record by placing a checkmark in the "Lock This Record"  box. Choosing to lock this record prevents users from viewing or updating it, unless they're either a master admin or given specific permissions on the Record Permissions tab. Permissions also work by assigning a department, district and/or precinct. If you have users in your system who are restricted by these permissions, they will only be able to see records in the departments/districts/precincts you have granted them access to.
2. Date of Pledge - Enter a date of the pledge by manually typing in a date or by using the date selector. By default it will show the current date. This is a required field.
3. Pledge Amount - Enter an amount for the pledge here. This is a required field.
4. Donor ID - Select the donor for this pledge by clicking the "lookup" button to search for a select a donor. If a donor is not in your database you can add them here by selecting the "Add New" button. This is a required field.
5. Will The Donation Be Recurring? - Yes or No.
6. Recurrence Frequency - If this pledge will recur you can set the recurrence frequency here. Your options are: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Annually.
7. Team Member Who Solicited - If the pledge was received as the result of a direct action taken by a member of your team designate them here.
8. Donation Category - Select a category from the drop-down list. If an appropriate category is not listed you can add a new on by clicking the "Add New" button. This is a required field.
9. Associated Campaign - If the pledge is related to a campaign or was brought in due to a campaign, then select the campaign by using the drop-down list. If the campaign is not listed you can add a new one by selecting the "Add New" button.
This is a good time to stop and save your changes. If you are done with the record you can click the "Save All Changes & Exit" button to enter the pledge and be returned to your Pledge list. If you are not done with the record, you can click the "Save Icon from the top of the page or the "Save All Changes & Continue" button to carry on.
In addition to the details of the pledge, you can also enter related files and notes to the record.

For help adding related file, please see KB Article - Add Related Files.

For help adding a note, please see KB Article - Add A Note to the Notes Section.

Record Permissions
Individual records can be locked so only master admins and users who are listed here can view or edit them. To add user permissions for this record simply
add them here by selecting the user from the drop-down list, then click the "Add Selected User" button. This will add the user to the record permissions
and allow the user to edit and view the record.