Add Member Payments

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Argenta allows for separate tracking of your member payments.  To enter a Member Payment use the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side and select General Financials > Member Payments or Membership > Member Payments.
This will open the complete listing of your organizations Member Payments.  From here select "Add New."
This will open the View/Update Member Payments screen.  From here you will enter all the details about your member payment.
If this transaction needs to hit your General Journal as a deposit click the checkbox to add this payment as an individual transaction in the General Journal.  Proceed to fill out the associated Fund, Deposit/Checking Account and Account for the transaction.
Select a Member ID for the delegate that is giving you the payment.  This is required.  You must have the person added as a Member and not just a constituent.  Select the "Lookup" button to search for and select your member. Once a member is selected their name will appear under the Member ID field.  Please ensure you have selected the correct member for your transaction.
Enter a Payment Date for the transaction by manually typing it our using the date selector.  This is a required field.
Enter an Amount Paid for the transaction.  This is a required field.
You may enter these other items as necessary for the payment, but they are not required:
  • Was A Receipt Given. Yes or No.
  • Payment Point of Entry.  How the payment was received.
  • Payment Type.  Check, cash, card, etc.
  • Check/PO/Reference Number.
  • Member Payment Category.  If there is not a sufficient category you can add a new by selecting "Add New."
  • Associated Department/Chapter.
  • Is Recurring. Yes or no.
  • Recurrence Frequency.
  • Auto Input Recurring Payments.  Yes or No.
  • Related Merchant Fee Expense.
  • Related Invoice.
You can also attach any related files or notes to this payment as needed by using these two sections as shown.
Once all of the details about you payment have been entered click the "Save All Changes & Exit" button to add this payment and return to the complete member payments listing for your organization.