Nonprofit organizations exist to support and raise funds, and in some cases Materials, for a specific purpose. A donation is a gift made by an individual, household or organization to a nonprofit. Argenta has a Donation Management System built in to help you track and run reports on your Material Donations.

To Add A Material Donation Into Argenta

To get stated, choose either Donations and Grants > Material Donations or Materials Management > Material Donations - from the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen.


This will open your Material Donations screen. From here, click the "Add New" button.

This will redirect you to the Add A Material Donation screen.

Here you need to enter two required quick details about your donation.
1. Date of Donation - Enter a date of the donation by manually typing in  a date or by using the date selector. 
2. Donor ID - You must select  donor for the donation. IF your constituent is not listed as a donor yet, select the "Add New" button to search through all your constituents and select one to create them as a donor. If your new donor is not in the system, then select the "Add New" button and then the "Add New" button on the second screen to add a new constituent.
Once these details have been entered you can add the Donation and enter the rest of the details about the donation. Simply select the "Add Donation & Enter Details" button to add the rest of the details of the donation.
This will bring you into the Material Donation Workspace screen. Here you will enter the details of the Material Donation. Let's go over each field in detail:
1. Record Permissions - You can choose to lock the record by placing a checkmark in the "Lock This Record"  box. Choosing to lock this record prevents users from viewing or updating it, unless they're either a master admin or given specific permissions on the Record Permissions tab. Permissions also work by assigning a department, district and/or precinct. If you have users in your system who are restricted by these permissions, they will only be able to see records in the departments/districts/precincts you have granted them access to.
2. Donor ID - This will be brought over from the precious screen. However, if you have made a mistake you can correct it here. This is a required field.
3. Donation Status - Select a status from the drop-down list. Your options are: Complete, Incomplete, or Unknown/Other or N/A.
4. Date of Donation - This will be brought over from the previous scree. However, if you have made a mistake you can correct it here. This is a required field.
5. Total Approx. Value (Auto) - You may choose to add items to this donation on the Items Donated tab. If you do, this value will change based on the items you enter. If you don't want to itemize this donation, you can add an approximate value here. If you do choose to itemize this donation you should not change this value!
6. Receipt Given - Yes or No.
7. Donation Description -  You can enter a description of the item here.
8. Donation Type - Select a type from the drop-down list. If there is not an appropriate type for the item you can add a new one by selecting the "Add New" button.
9. Donation Category - Select a category from the drop-down list. If there is not an appropriate category for the item you can add a new one by selecting the "Add New" button.
10. Department/Chapter - If this donation belongs to a specific department or chapter please select the appropriate one from the drop-down list.
11. Received By Team Member - Selecting the "Lookup" button and search for and select the person who received the item(s). 
12. Associated Campaign - If the donation is related to a campaign select the campaign by using the drop-down list.
13. Associated Event - If the donation is related to an event select the event by using the drop-down list.
Once you have all these details filled out, you can add related files or notes to the record.
For help on adding a related file, please see KB Article - Add Related File.
For help adding a note, please see KB Article - Add A Note to the Notes Section.
You should save all your changes before moving on. Your options for saving are to click the "Save All Changes & Exit" button if you are done working with the Material Donation. Or to click the "Save All Changes & Continue" button, or the Save Icon at the top, to continue working with this donation by adding items and permissions to the record.
Items Donated Tab:
You may choose to itemize this donation by adding items. Items must be in inventory before you can add them here. Adding items to your inventory list allows you to keep track of how many items are in your inventory through the Material Inventory Manager.

You can add an item you've never entered before to your inventory, right here on this screen. Click the "Add Donated Items" button, then click the "New" button next to the Lookup field.

If the item you want to add is already in inventory, simply click the "Lookup" button to find and select it.
Once you have selected an item, you need to select the "Add the Selected Item" button to add the itemized item(s). Then you need to set the QTY Donated field to the quantity that was donated. Once you enter a quantity select the Save Icon to save the quantity.
You can add as many items as needed by repeating these steps.
Record Permissions Tab:
Individual records can be locked so only master admins and users who are listed here can view or edit them. To add user permissions for this record simply add them here by selecting the user from the
drop-down list, then click the "Add Selected User" button. 
This will add the user to the record permissions and allow the user to edit and view the record.