A Lead or Opportunity is a prospective consumer of a product/service or a potential contributor to a nonprofit organization. A lead is created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information. Your organization may gain access to a lead through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings or any other marketing efforts.

To get started, choose either Constituents (CRM) > Leads or Sales and Marketing > Leads/Opportunities - from the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen.


This will bring you into your full listing of Leads/Opportunities. From here, click the "Add New" button.

This will direct you to the Add A New Lead by Designating A Constituent As A Lead screen.

To avoid duplicates in your database search for a constituent to designate as a lead. Click the "Lookup" button and then type in the name or partial name to search and select the individual.  (eg: Jane Doe or Jane)

If your person is in the database as a constituent you will select this individual by selecting the pink checkbox   behind their name.   Then proceed to fill out the Active Date for this lead.  Then click the "Add This Lead" button.

If the constituent is not in the system, you can add them by clicking the “Add New” button, for help see KB Article, Add Constituents.

This will bring you to the Workspace for Lead/Opportunities for the Constituent you have selected.
There is a lot of information on this tab lets break it down in sections and go over all the above fields in detail:
1. Record Permissions - You can choose to lock the record by placing a checkmark in the "Lock This Record"  box. Choosing to lock this record prevents users from viewing or updating it, unless they're either a master admin or given specific permissions on the Record Permissions tab. Permissions also work by assigning a department, district and/or precinct. If you have users in your system who are restricted by these permissions, they will only be able to see records in the departments/districts/precincts you have granted them access to.
2. Open The full Constituent Card - Selecting this will open the constituents full card allowing access to all the constituent tabs.
3. Lead's Affiliated Organization or Short Description of Lead - You may enter the leads affiliated organization here or a description of your lead.
4. Active Date - Enter the date the lead was entered into the system or the date the lead should be designated as active. This field is required.
5. Department/Chapter - Choose one from the drop-down list if this lead belongs to a specific department or chapter. If you want to add a new department you can do so by clicking the "Add New" button next to the Department drop down list. This will pop up a window, allowing you to type a new department. When the window closes the new department will be selected. This field is not required.
6. Assigned To (Team Member) -  If the lead is assigned to a specific member of your team such as a board member, a staff member or a volunteer, select the corresponding affiliate by clicking on the “Lookup” button. If there is no designated team member you can select "Unassigned *" by clicking the “Clear” button.
7. Ambassador (Referred By) - If someone referred this lead to you, that person is sometimes referred to as an ambassador. Use this field to select the constituent who acted as an ambassador and referred this lead.
8. Is this lead a student? - Yes or No.
9. Did this lead request physical collateral? - Yes or No.
Scroll down as there is a whole lot more information to be added. Here is the next section of the Lead/Opportunity details screen: