Add Invoices/Receivables

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Argenta allows you to create and track your Invoices/Receivables through the system. You have two invoice types and those are Client/Customer and Member Invoices. 
To get started, select General Financials > Invoices/Receivables - from the left-hand side of the Argenta main menu.
This will open the Sales and Invoice Manager window. This will show you all the Invoices your organization has created. From here click the "Add New" button to add a new Invoice.
This will open the Add A New Invoice screen.  
This is where you will need to select whether the invoice is for a Client/Customer or a Member. There are also three other required fields on this screen:
1. Client/Customer ID or Member ID -  Select the "lookup" button to search for and select the appropriate constituent for the invoice or use the "Add New" button to add a new constituent. 
2. Invoice Date - Manually enter a date or use the date selector to set the date. 
3. Payment Date - Manually enter a date or use the date selector to set the due date. 
Once these details have been filled out you will click the "Add Invoice & Enter Details" to enter the invoice and go to the Invoice Workspace screen...