Grantors are those foundations, organizations, or donors that provide grants to your organization. You must have the constituent listed as a Grantor in order to receive grants from them. In order to add a Grantor to your database they first need to be a constituent.  For help adding a constituent to your database please refer to KB Article - Add Constituents
To get started, select either Constituents (CRM) > Grantors or Donations and Grants > Grantors -  from the main menu on the left hand side.
This will open the Grantors screen that will list all the grantors you have in your organization. From here you will select the "Add New" button.
This will open the Add A New Grantor by Designating A Constituent As A Grantor screen.
From here you will need to enter some information about your Grantor:
1. Constituent ID - Select the "Lookup" button next to Constituent ID to search for and select a constituent.  If your grantor is brand new, you can enter them by selecting "Add New" button. This is a required field.
2. Grantor Type - Select the grantor type from the drop-down list. If the type is not listed you may add a new one by selecting the "Add New" button.  
3. Acquisition Source - Select a source from the drop-down list. If the source is not listed you can add a new one by selecting the "Add New" button.
4. Associated Campaign - You can associate a campaign with the grantor if needed by selecting the "Lookup" button and searching for and selecting the related campaign. If the Campaign is not listed you can add a new one by selecting the "Add New" button.
Once all your fields have been filled out click the "Add This Grantor" button to add the grantor and be returned to your complete list of Grantors.