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A Campaign is any effort made by your organization toward completing a particular goal. Campaigns can be related to soliciting donations, generating interest for an event, attracting volunteers or getting the word out about your mission with social media marketing. Once you create a campaign you can assign it to items like donations so you can track the progress of each campaign.  Campaigns can be used for a few different things. As Fundraising Campaigns, they can be used to create special public donation pages, to encourage your donors to give for a specific reason.  As Marketing Campaigns, they can be used to track the effectiveness of a specific marketing effort.  Whichever way you decide to use Campaigns they are associated to many modules in Argenta, and they're a very powerful reporting tool.

From the Argenta main menu on the left hand side of the screen select Sales and Marketing > Campaigns.



This will redirect you to a list of all the campaigns you have created and managed. Click the "Add New" button.


This will open the Add A New Campaign screen where you will enter the details of your campaign. 

First, enter a team member that is the campaign owner, the person responsible for the campaign.  Select the lookup button behind "Campaign Owner (Team Member ID)" to open the search box to search and select your team member responsible for this campaign. When you select the appropriate constituent, the window will close and the Campaign Owner field will display the ID for the constituent you have selected.  This field is required.

Then, select a Department/Chapter from the drop down box.  If your Department/Chapter is not listed you may add a new one by selecting the "Add New" button.  Enter a start date, the date your campaign will begin, and an end date, the date your campaign will end. If your campaign has no beginning or end, you can leave these blank.  These fields are not required.

Choose a title for your Campaign. This is not a description so keep it brief. This is a required field.

Using the Campaign Type drop down list, select the type of campaign you will run. For example, you may be running a pledge drive or a fundraiser/donation.  This is a required field.

Using the Campaign Category drop down list, select the category of the campaign you will run.  For example,  you may be running a banner ad, dinner party or a trade show.  This is not a required field. 

Add a description for your Campaign. This is an open field so there is no limit to how much text you can enter. This is not a required field.


 Next, you can add more information about your Campaign. These fields are not required.


  • Budget Amount - The amount you have allocated for the campaign.
  • Projected Revenue - The amount of revenue you intend to generate from the campaign.
  • Actual Revenue - The actual amount of revenue you generate from the campaign.
  • Total # Targeted - The total number of prospects you are targeting with the campaign.
  • # Projected To Respond - The total number of prospects you have projected will respond to the campaign.
  • # Actual Responses - The actual number of prospects who respond to the campaign.


Click the "Add This Campaign" button. The window will close and you will find your campaign in the list in alphabetical order by the Campaign's Title.