Mission Trip Reserved Credits are credits that your organization issues now, to be applied to a future mission trip enrollment.
To add a Mission Trip Reserved Credit, select Mission projects & Trips > Mission Trip Reserved Credits - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
This will open the Mission Trip Reserved Credits screen.  From here, select the "Add New" button above the list.
This will open the Add A New Mission Trip Reserved Credit screen.
On this screen:
  1. Credit Issued Date. Enter a date for the credit issued. You can use the date/time picker or just enter the date/time manually.

  2. Credit Amount. Enter an amount of the credit.

  3. Mission Trip Account. Select the account you're issuing the credit to. Use the "Lookup" button, search for and select the corresponding account.
When these fields are complete, click the "Add This Reserved Credit" button. This will create the credit and display it in your list of Reserved Credits with a status of IssuedReserved Credits can be either issued, or applied. If a credit has been applied to an enrollment, then the status is automatically set to applied and cannot be issued again.
You can apply credits to an enrollment by opening the credit and completing the appropriate fields. For help on applying a reserved credit to a mission trip enrollment, please see KB Article - Apply A Mission Trip Reserve Credit To A Mission Trip Enrollment.