Apply A Mission Trip Reserve Credit To A Mission Trip Enrollment

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Mission Trip Reserved Credits are credits that your organization issues now, to be applied to a future mission trip enrollment. To apply a mission trip reserve credit to a mission trip enrollment select Events and Programs > Mission Trip Reserved Credits. This will bring up the list of all Mission Trip Enrollment Credits. To issue a credit select the corresponding open icon  for the credit you would like to issue.

This will bring up the Mission Trip Reserved Credits details page. 
To apply the credit follow these steps:
  1. Check the "Credit Has Been Applied" checkbox.
  2. Enter the date the credit is applied in the "Credit Applied Date" field.
  3. Select the enrollment you would like to apply the credit to in the "Enrollment This Credit Is Applied To" drop down list.
  4. Click either the "Save All Changes & Continue" or the "Save All Changes & Exit" button to save the changes and apply the credit.