Every time you send an email using templates in Argenta, those emails are sent as part of an Email Batch. Whether you send one email or many emails, they are always batched and stored in the Email Batches area.
To get to your email batches, select Sales & Marketing > Email Batches - from the dashboard on the left side of the screen.
This will open your sent email batches screen. From here you can see all the batches you have sent. You can also send a template from this screen if need be. In addition, you can view the success of the batches, how many of the emails were opened, emails not opened, bounced emails, and unsubscribed emails. This is where the magic is!
To view the success of a batch simply select the batch you wish to view, by selecting the "open Icon" for the batch you wish to view.  
This will open the Email Batch Workspace. From here you will see six tabs that all contain crucial information.
1. On the Email Batch Details tab, you can see information about the template sent.  This tab contains:
  • Sent Date. The date the template batch was sent.
  • Template Name. The name of the template sent.
  • Email Subject. The subject line for the template sent.
  • Associated Campaign. The associated campaign for the template sent if applicable.
  • Department/Chapter. The department or chapter assigned for the template if applicable.
  • District. The district assigned to the template if applicable.
  • Precinct. The precinct assigned to the template if applicable.
  2. On the All Emails in This Batch tab, you can see all the constituent's and emails that were sent as part of this batch.
  3. On the Opened Emails tab, this will list and show you a count of all opened emails.
  4. On the Emails Not Opened tab, this will list and show you a count of all unopened emails.
  5. On the Bounced Emails tab, this will show you any emails that have bounced back. Bounced back emails me that they were not accepted or cannot be accepted by the recipients email account.
  6. On the Unsubscribes tab, you will see a list and count of all the emails that have requested to be unsubscribed from your email list. When a constituent unsubscribes to our emails, their constituent card will automatically      be updated so the "Do Not Email" checkbox is marked.