Once a material donation is entered in Argenta users can view the details of the donation on the record’s detail screen. In this space users can make any necessary changes to the donation, add additional donation items, add files, and/or add notes.
To view/edit a material donation select Donations and Grants > Material Donations from the left hand side of the Argenta dashboard.
This will open the complete listing of all your organizations material donations.  From here you will search or scroll to find the record you wish to edit.  Click the open button   in front of the record you wish to edit.  This will open the View/Update screen where you will make any changes needed to the record.  
If you wish to add more items to your donated items simple click the "Add Donated Items" button.  This will open a search menu where you can search for the item by name.
Once you have found the item click the "Add this Selected Item" button to add the item and enter a quantity for the item.  
If you need to delete an item you can do so by clicking the corresponding delete button  behind the item you wish to delete.
Once all of your changes have been made you will select the "Save All Changes & Exit" button to save your changes.  This will close the view/update screen and return you back to the full list of material donations for your organization.