The team time off calendar is used to show when your members are scheduled to be off in calendar form.  You use this calendar to display scheduled time off for your team.  To use the team time off calendar use the Argenta main menu, left-hand side, select Staff and HR > Team Time Off Calendar.
This will open the team time off calendar.  Here you can view the calendar, add new scheduled time off for your members, or export the calendar to PDF.
From here you can double click on an entry to display the details of it or update it.
To add a new entry to the calendar simply click the "Add New Item" button.
This will open the calendar item details screen where you will enter all the details about your scheduled time off.
From here you will enter the following details:
After all the details about your time off have been filled in you will select the "Save all Changes & Exit" button to save the time off and ad it to the calendar.  You will be returned to the calendar view with your new entry added.