Nonprofits and Political Organizations want to keep in touch with their supporters. The most popular way to do this is still with email. Argenta includes an integrated email system so you can easily build email lists from any module or create comprehensive lists in the Argenta Mail Room.
When you send email from Argenta the message body contains the option to unsubscribe. If a recipient unsubscribes, Argenta will automatically...
  • Disallow you from adding them to any email batch.
  • Disallow you from adding them to any email list in the Argenta Mail Room.
  • Remove them from any email list they're already on.
  • Flag their constituent record as "Do Not Email" & "Do Not Solicit".
Unless a constituent contacts you directly to be readded to your mailing list, you should never change their flags. Sending unsolicited email can result in high fines and/or get you black-listed on the national spam registry. Be very careful about who you're emailing. Don't send unsolicited email through Argenta.
Argenta also offers an opt-in solution. You can request an email sign up form for your website. A few things will happen when a user fills out this form.
  • If they're not in the system yet, they will be added as a constituent with the information they provided in the form.
  • If they're already a constituent in the system and they have been flagged as "Do Not Email" & "Do Not Solicit", they will be unflagged.
  • If they're already in the system with no flags, they will be set as subscribed.
Anyone who fills out the form, regardless of status will be "subscribed" to email communication. This happens in their constituent record on the Communication Tab. In the "Types of Communication This Constituent Would Like To Receive" drop down box "Newsletter (Email)" and "General Email Communications" will both be selected.
The easiest way to see all the constituents who have opted in is to run the "Constituent Communication Report" from the Argenta Report Center > Constituent Reports. This report will display a list of constituents who have subscribed to any one of the Constituent Communication Methods. This report can be filtered by constituent affiliation, eg: Members, Volunteers, Donors, etc.

If you don't have an Argenta email opt-in form on your website, you can manually update any of these settings. If you use another email system like MailChimp, you can request an import into Argenta by using the Help & Support system in the top right menu.