As part of any paid subscription, Argenta includes a public email sign-up form for your website. This form allows your users to sign-up to receive email information sent from your organization.
  • The form can be embedded right into your site, or you can choose to add a link to a fully designed form hosted by Argenta. It's your choice.

  • The form collects First Name, Last Name, Organization Name (optional), and Email Address.

  • When the user submits the form Argenta will do the following...

    • Check to see if the user is already a constituent in your system.

      • If they are: Argenta will make sure the option to receive email is selected.

      • If they are not: Argenta will create a constituent record for them with the option to receive email selected.

    • Add them to your general email newsletter distribution list.
Members of your General Email Newsletter distribution list will have this indicated in their Constituent Record on the Communication Tab...
You can see a list of all constituents who have subscribed to your email communications in the Report Center. Constituent Reports > Constituent Communication Report. This report will display a list of constituents who have subscribed to one of the Constituent Communication Methods from the Communication tab in the Constituent Record. In this case you can see all of your subscribers by choosing "Newsletter (Email)" in the Select Report Criteria section.