This article provides an overview of Volunteers and explains how Volunteers are Added, Viewed/Opened, Edited/Updated, and Deleted. In addition, Bulk Action updates are also covered.
To get to Volunteers, select Volunteerism > Volunteers - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
This will open the Volunteers list screen where all of your Volunteers, and their primary details, will be listed.
At the top of the Volunteer list, you are able to do the following:
  • Search for a specific volunteer by ID, Name, or Email Address
  • Add a new volunteer
  • Filter your volunteer list
  • Export your data to Excel
  • Run a Bulk Action
You can use the drop down menus to sort your volunteer data by: Active Date, Volunteer Name, Volunteer ID, Volunteer Category, Department/Chapter, District, or Precinct. 
The list can also be sorted in Ascending or Descending order.
Opening/Viewing a Record
To open or view a record, find the record you wish to open by searching or filtering for the record. Open or view the record by selecting the corresponding open icon for the record you wish to view.

This will open the Volunteer Workspace.
From here, you are able to view/edit this volunteer's information, as well as set record permissions, view audit information, and access the volunteer's full constituent record.
Adding a New Volunteer
To add a new volunteer, click the Add New button at the top of the page.
 This will open the "Add a New Volunteer by Designating a Constituent as a Volunteer" window.
All fields labeled with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields prior to adding this volunteer. 
  • *Add Active Date of the volunteer
  • *Use the Lookup button to look up the constituent you are adding as a volunteer. If the individual is not yet a constituent within the system, you can add them by clicking the Add New button immediately to the right of the Lookup. This will open a window that will allow you to quickly add them as a constituent without navigating you away from this workspace.
  • Indicate whether this volunteer will be acting as a Team Member.
  • Indicate whether this individual is a student volunteer.
  • Use the drop down menus to add Department/Chapter, Volunteer Category, and Acquisition Source.
  • If the volunteer is associated to a specific campaign, you can indicate that in the Associated Campaign field using the Lookup button. A new campaign can be added by clicking the Add New button immediately to the right of the Lookup button. Clicking Add New will open a window that will allow you to enter the campaign details without navigating away from this workspace.
Filter List
To filter your data, click the Filter List button at the top of the page.
 This will open the Filter control above the Volunteer List.
  • From this menu you can filter by as much, or as little, criteria as you want by using the drop down menus, lookup control (Associated Campaigns), and Date Range fields.
  • Filters can also be saved for future use. Filters can be Saved, Deleted, and Loaded using the icon in the top right of the Filter Menu.
  • Once you have entered all of the criteria with which you choose to filter by, click Filter List at the bottom of the menu.
 Export to Excel
 You can export your data to an Excel file if you so choose. If you have filtered data then that is what will be exported.
Clicking Export to Excel will immediately launch the export process. 
Running Bulk Actions
Bulk updates is a way to bulk select or unselect all displayed records and run a selected action on all of those records.
  • First, search for, or filter, the list to select the records you wish to bulk update.
  • Select the records you wish to bulk update. There are a couple ways of doing this.
    • You can individually check each line by selecting the check box next to the corresponding record.
    • You can bulk select records by checking the box the top check box above all of the records. However, if there are multiple pages of records that you wish to run a bulk action on, this will only check the first page of data.
    • The best method is to use Select All Records That Meet Filter Criteria from the drop down menu and click Run Bulk Action. This will select all records meeting that criteria across all pages. You can then run your next bulk action.
  • Next, select the bulk action that you wish to perform and click Run Bulk Action.
Deleting a Volunteer Record
To delete a volunteer record, simply navigate to the main Volunteer List page.
  • To Delete the Volunteer Record, simply click the X.
  • A prompt will appear informing you that this action is final and confirming that you want to delete. Select OK to confirm and delete, or Cancel, to return to the Volunteer list.
  • Deleting the volunteer will NOT remove them from Constituents, only the Volunteer list.
  • Remember, this action is final and the individual will no longer be found in any volunteer activities.