This article provides an understanding of Account Transfers and explains how to View/Open, Edit/Update and Delete an Account Transfer.
To get to Account Transfers, select General Financials > Account Transfers - from the main menu on the left hand side.
To view or open a transfer, find the transfer you wish to open, by searching or filtering for the record.
Open of view the record by selecting the corresponding open icon  for the record you wish to view.
This will open the Account Transfers Details screen for you to view the transfer.
When your in the Account transfer Details screen, you can see all the information pertaining to the transfer.
Functionality of the Account Transfer Screen
You can add a new transfer by clicking the "Add  A Transfer" button.
You can filter your transfers by selecting the "Filter List" button.
You can export your transfers to excel by clicking the "Export To Excel" button.
You can search for and select a transfer by using the "Search" field.
Once your in the Account Transfer Details screen you can Edit/Update the transfer as needed.  These are the fields that can be edited/updated:
To update any of these fields simply click the drop downs to select new field values or click into the text box fields to replace the text. When you've finished updating the record, click either the "Save All Changes & Continue" button to save and continue working or the "Save All Changes & Exit" button to save and go back to the Account Transfer List.
Anytime you see a delete button  you can delete the corresponding record. To delete any record in Argenta, simply click the "Delete" button. A pop-up window will ask if you are sure you want to delete the record. Select "Yes" and the record will be deleted. Be very careful, deletion is a final action and can not be undone.
To delete an account transfer click on the corresponding delete icon for the transfer you wish to delete. If you delete an account transfer it will affect both accounts that the transfer came from and went to by deleting these entries. Be very careful, deletion is a final action and can not be undone.