For your convenience, Argenta allows notes to be added in bulk for all constituent types. Bulk notes can be done for several reasons. One is to add a note that constituents attended an event, or are interested in an event based off an activity you held. Another is to add all the constituents that you talked to about while you were at an event about a certain event, item, or campaign that you have coming up. Whatever the reason, you can add bulk notes to multiple constituents at one time.
To add notes for selected constituents in a list you must first select your constituents you wish to add bulk notes too.
To get started, select Constituents (CRM) > Constituents (All) or any relationship type you wish to filter - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
All the relationship management screens like Constituents (All) or Donors, Members, Clients, etc. have a "Filter List" function that allows the list to be narrowed down by selecting specific criteria and filtering the list. Select the "Filter List" button to narrow down your list.
After you filter the list use the "Choose Bulk Action for Selected Records" drop down menu and choose the "Select All Displayed Records" to select all the records from your filter and then click the "Run Bulk Action" button to select the records. Once all the records have been selected use the "Choose Bulk Action for Selected Records" drop down menu again to add a bulk note for all the selected records by choosing the "Add A Note for Selected Records" and then clicking the "Run Bulk Action" button.
This will bring up the "Add Bulk Notes" text screen where you will type in the note that you wish to attach to all these records. The Note text box allows you to format text with color, size, font, etc.
Simply click into the text box and start typing your note. Once you have it formatted and typed as you wish, click the "Add A Note" button for the note to be added to all constituents you selected.  
Your note has now been added to all constituents you selected.