Add Policies and Procedures

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The Policy and Procedures page is a collection of documents outlining protocol used within your organization. This is a useful place for staff members to find and reference policies and procedures.


From the Argenta Dashboard on the left-hand side of the screen, choose My Organization > Policies and Procedures.



Click the “Add New” button.



This will pop up the Add a New Policies and Procedures window.



Select the Category from the drop-down list at the top of the window. If the category is not in the system, you can add it by clicking the “Add New” button. This is a required field.


All drop-down lists in Argenta help to create comprehensive reports. Argenta comes loaded with predefined values for all of these drop-down lists, but you can change them at any time. You can add or delete any of these values by selecting the corresponding section from the Argenta Main Menu. To update policies and procedures categories choose Policies and Procedures Categories from Classification Codes at the bottom of the menu.


Next, enter the document’s name in the Policy/Procedure Title field. This is a required field.


If you like, you can also provide a description of the protocol in the Description box. This field can contain as many entries as needed. This is not a required field.


Select the Department from the drop-down list. If the department is not in the system, you can add it by clicking the “Add New” button.


If this policy & procedure is for a certain District or Precinct, choose those from their drop-down lists.


Select a digital copy of the document by clicking the “Browse” button at the bottom of the window. When selected, the name of the file will appear in gray text. Attaching a file is required.


After reviewing the information entered, click the “Save All Changes & Exit” button to finish. The window will close and you will find your new Policy/Procedure in the Policies and Procedures list.