A List is a series of entries pertaining to a particular subject. In Argenta, lists are sorted into List Groups, so lists can be grouped together by subject. Lists can be used in whatever way the user and/or team determines. One example of how lists can be used, is to create a List Group for each of your departments, then provide Lists of resources and information pertaining to that department in that list group. 


To Add A List Group

From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen, choose Workflow/Productivity > Lists.



The List Groups for Lists page will open.



Select the “Add New” button to add a new List Group for either the Team Shared List Group or My Personal/Private Lists. With a Team Group the group will have full access to view and update it. A Personal Group can only be viewed and updated by the user who creates it. A blank row will appear in the corresponding list. Type the name of your new List Group.

Click the corresponding save icon  to finish adding the new list group.


To Add An Item to a List Group

Choose the list group for your new list and select the corresponding open icon  . This will bring up the List page displaying all the current lists within the List Group you opened.


From here you can:

1. Click the “Add a New List” button. This will add a blank row in the list. Type a name for your new list. Make sure to select either the Save Icon in the list row, or the "Save All Changes" button at the top to save your new list.

2. Once a list is created, you can add an item to the newly created list or any list in the list group. Simply select the "Open Icon" for the list you wish to add items too. This will open the list and allow you to add as many items to the list as you need. Simply select the "Add New" button from the top and a new line will be inserted in your list. Type in the info you wish this line to have and make sure to select the Save Icon to finish adding the new item to your list. 

3. You can export a list to excel should you need to by opening the list and selecting the "Export  To Excel" button.
4. You can save your list as a PDF by opening a list and selecting the "Save To PDF" button.
5. You can take bulk actions on the list such as: Move This List to a Different List Group, Copy & Create New List, or Copy & Create a Checklist. Simply select the list you want to do a bulk action for and select the bulk action from the drop-down list.
6. You can lock and assign the list to a specific Department/Chapter, District or Precinct. Simply select them from their drop-down lists to lock and assign them.

There is no limit to the number of list groups, lists or lists items that can be added. All entries are listed in alphabetical order.