Argenta allows you to categorize and associated things like events, tasks, etc. with districts. Districts are geographical divisions that most states and countries use.
To add new districts select My Organization > Districts - from the Argenta main menu on the left hand side.
This will open the District listing for your organization. From here click the "Add New" button.
This will open the Add A New District window.
You can assign a district to a leader by selecting the "Lookup" button and searching for an existing constituent to designate as the District Leader. You must have the leader already in as a constituent in order to select them and assign them as a District Leader.  For help creating a new Constituent please refer to KB Article - Add Constituents. If your District does not have a leader leave the default "Unassigned."
Next, fill in the District Name field with a distinct name for your district. This is a required field.
Click the "Add This District" button to add the district and be return to your organizations complete listing of Districts.