Argenta allows you to categorize and associated things like constituents, events, tasks, etc. with districts. Districts are geographical divisions that most states and countries use.
To add a new district select My Organization > Districts - from the Argenta main menu on the left hand side:

This opens the Districts listing for your organization. From here click the "Add New" button:
This opens the Add A New District window:
From here you need to enter these fields:
  1. District Leader - You may assign this district to a leader within your organization by selecting the Lookup  icon, searching for and selecting the leader. If this district does not have a leader you can leave this as *Unassigned.
  2. District Name - Enter a name for your new district here. This is a required field.
Once these details have been entered, click the "Add This District" button to add the district and be returned to your organization's complete listing of Districts.